RPA Development Services

At Octal IT Solution, we offer a comprehensive range of RPA development services to facilitate enterprise in repetitive task management. Our skilled experts specialize in developing intelligent bots and automated systems and implementing effective automation methods. Transform your business by obtaining our customized RPA solutions that are aligned with your unique requirements.

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Automate the Mundane with our RPA Development Services

Feeling wedged with time-consuming & repetitive business processes? Robot Process Automation (RPA) can do wonders for you in this manner. As a top-notch RPA development company, Octal IT Solution develops efficient robotic solutions to automate tedious tasks within business processes. Our highly experienced programmers create intelligent software bots to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and reduce errors by automating manual tasks, including invoice processing, data entry, and customer support.

Our firm will assist you throughout the process, from understanding the client’s vision to evaluating automation opportunities. Our provided RPA development services help businesses mount the automation horizon with intelligent RPA solutions, strengthening businesses to revolutionize their ecosystem by integrating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and advanced technologies with RPA. With years of experience, we excel in creating RPA solutions using tools such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Azure Logic Apps, BluePrism, etc. Contact us today to get tailor-made RPA solutions.

Revolutionize Your Business with Our RPA Development Services

Octal IT Solution, a leading firm, provides inexpensive RPA development services to modernize businesses' operations. From planning to implementation to launch, we will help you unleash exceptional efficiency, reduce costs, and thrive on creativity.

RPA Consultation Services

We provide a complete assessment of businesses’ current operational workflows to determine suitable tactics and roadmaps for RPA development. Our RPA consultants will help you find the best opportunities, overcome challenges, and form a proper strategy.

RPA Implementation Services

Our development team provides RPA implementation services to integrate bots into your business processes. We guarantee interoperability, stability, and scalability by conducting robust testing to ensure a seamless & error-free experience.

RPA Software Development Services

At Octal IT Solution, our RPA software developers have hands-on experience in creating software robots. They are well-versed in RPA development tools & technologies to craft and deploy bots with minimal human intervention, increasing efficiency.

RPA Integration Services

RPA integration services allow businesses to automate their existing business workflows and systems such as ERP, CRM, CMS, etc. We smoothly embed our RPA solutions into existing IT infrastructure, facilitating automated interaction with databases & systems.

RPA Maintenance and Support Services

As your business evolves and customer requirements change, our experts will assist you with continuous support, including advanced RPA integrations, bug fixing, system updates, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring, to ensure the bots’ success.

RPA Managed Services

We offer simple SLA-based agreements to manage and maintain RPA solutions per unique business needs. Our support package comprises persistent RPA administration, real-time support, consistent updates, and proactive issue resolution.

Industries leveraging our RPA Software solutions

Get to know the industry-wise RPA use cases serving the specific areas that require automation. Octal IT Solution has helped a wide range of domains by delivering the best-fitted RPA solutions and trained bots.

Our created RPA solutions have leveraged the financial sector with task automation, better accuracy, efficiency, and cost reduction. Other areas our RPA software has empowered are-

  • Tax Calculations
  • Invoice processing
  • Financial reporting
  • Automated data entry
  • Customer support
  • Account Reconciliation
Implementing RPA solutions has evolved the healthcare industry in several ways. Octal IT Solution has helped the industry by providing efficient solutions to reduce admin burden, enhance efficiency, and simplify data management.

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Post-discharge management
  • Billing & payment management
  • Data Analytics
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Patient communication
Robotic process automation has also spread its wings in the information technology sector. Our skilled developers have crafted feature-packed RPA solutions to execute the following tasks.

  • Network Management
  • Data Management
  • IT help desk Management
  • Security Management
  • Cost saving
  • Compliance Management
To help the retail industry, we have delivered high-performing RPA solutions efficiently created by our experts. Several tasks can be accomplished by implementing these solutions; some of them are-

  • New product introduction
  • Document management
  • Customer support
  • Business & sales analytics
  • Operational efficiency
  • Automation of Inventory Management
Acquiring RPA development services from Octal IT Solution has leveraged countless areas of the banking sector, including managing accounts, customers, loan processes, onboarding, and others.

  • Customer services
  • Fraud detection
  • Account management
  • Customer onboarding
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Loan processing
The telecommunication sector is always mindful of the benefits acquired by RPA development services. To date, we have delivered various RPA solutions to this industry, fostering reduced manual efforts and errors.

  • Network Management
  • Expense Control
  • Sales order processing
  • Customer on/off-boarding
  • Invoice & purchase order management
  • Handling customer queries

Modernize your operation with seamless automation

Embrace the future of automation by acquiring RPA development services from Octal IT Solution.

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RPA Software Development Process We Follow

At Octal IT Solution, our applied RPA software development process comprises a systematic approach to designing, crafting, and deploying RPA solutions. Our process leads to smooth integration, consistent support, and optimal performance for better efficiency.

01 Consultation and Planning

Before you obtain RPA development services, we have expert software consultants who will help you properly plan and collect details. These requirements involve understanding workflows, key performance indicators, and current opportunities.

02 Software Designing

Our specialized designers create an interactive design for an RPA solution that encompasses a roadmap, architecture, and integration points. This is an integral part of our RPA development services; hence, we plan timelines and milestones to ensure structured development and deployment.

03 Software Development & Integration

As a top RPA development company, Octal IT Solution creates Bots using suitable tools and technologies. Continuing the process, our programmers write scripts & configure workflows for identified task automation that adheres to best practices and industry requirements.

04 QA & Testing

We never compromise on the quality of RPA bots and apply robust testing procedures to test them before implementing them into a live production environment. Our QA experts validate performance, functionality, and integration to ensure accuracy and reliability.

05 Deployment

It’s time to navigate to the launching of RPA bots. For this, we ensure smooth integration with present systems and less disruption to operations. After making the bots live, we guarantee to monitor the performance closely in the beginning to address any issues immediately.

06 Maintenance and Support

Our RPA development services also include post-launch support and maintenance to guarantee the smooth performance of RPA solutions. We consistently update the features and conduct security audits to make the solution adaptable to evolving market changes.

Choose From Our Flexible Hiring Models

With Octal IT Solution, you can choose a suitable hiring model while obtaining our RPA development services. Whether you decide on dedicated teams, hourly services, or fixed-priced models, our flexible hiring options ensure you get the specialized team that fits your budget and other requirements.

Dedicated Team

  • Resources available for full-time
  • Smooth integration with an in-house team
  • Direct control and seamless communication
  • Suitable for long-term projects

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Hourly Services

  • Pay only for the working hours
  • Flexible scale-up or down resources
  • Access to a wide range of expertise and skills
  • Ideal for small-scale projects

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  • Fixed project cost
  • Clear timelines and on-time delivery
  • Appropriate project management
  • Best for projects with defined requirements

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Technology Stack We Specialize In

At Octal IT Solution, we boast a highly qualified RPA development team that excels in modern-edge technologies and tools to efficiently manage the entire process of creating efficient solutions.

  • Core RPA Tools: UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, NICE RPA, Microsoft Power Automate.
  • Data Extraction & Manipulation Tools: ABBYY FineReader, Visual Scarping Tools, UiPath StudioX, Google Cloud Vision API
  • Integration Technologies: IFTTT, Zapier, Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, Microsoft Power Automate

Why Choose Octal IT Solution for RPA Development Services?

Octal IT Solution, a Top RPA development company, is committed to providing outstanding RPA software solutions. With rich experience and expertise, our highly professional developers never fail to satisfy clients’ requirements and deliver proficient RPA solutions.

  • Significant cost reduction through a streamlined development process.
  • Customized RPA software solutions to match your unique business needs.
  • Years of experience in advanced RPA technologies, tools, and best practices.
  • Round-the-clock support & maintenance after deployment, ensuring better performance.
  • Smooth integration with existing business workflows and different systems.
  • Consistent improvement and applying the latest innovations in RPA development.
  • High-quality and scalable solutions fostering business growth and success.

Unleash Productivity with Advanced RPA Solutions.

Harness the power of Robotic process automation to streamline workflows and drive innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RPA is a software technology that simplifies the process of creating, deploying, and managing software robots. It automates rule-based, repetitive tasks performed by humans. These virtual bots help reduce errors and enhance efficiency without any human involvement.

At Octal IT Solution, we endeavor to deliver cost-efficient RPA software solutions with all the required features and functions. RPA software development costs will range between $15,000 and $30,000, but they can go up or down based on specific requirements.

At Octal IT Solution, we ensure the confidentiality and security of RPA software by applying strong encryption, conducting regular security audits, and implementing secure access controls. We strive to comply with industry standards while implementing data protection protocols on RPA software.

Our skilled experts have extensive experience integrating AI into RPA software, which is beneficial for enabling robots to manage intricate, repetitive tasks and make wise decisions via NPL, machine learning, and computer vision.

The process of developing an RPA solution takes around 4 to 6 months. The final timeline depends on various factors, such as the development team’s expertise, the availability of resources, etc. However, we have delivered our projects on time to date without facing any challenges.

What Makes Us the Buzz of Tech Town

Here’s what our business partners say about us.

Ms. Joyce Mesick

Founder, Finding Trusted Care

Project summary: Finding Trusted Care

Octal IT Solution has created a caregiver company’s flagship platform and app. Their resources have also worked on the firm’s website design. Around eight teammates work directly with the client on the project.

  • Budget $50,000 to $199,999
  • Duration May 2022 – Ongoing
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Mr. Michael Tan

Project Manager, Clarins Pte Ltd

Project summary: Clarins

Octal IT Solution was hired by a skin care brand to build their inhouse claiming system. They used PHP for the development of their project.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Jan. 2019 – Aug. 2020
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Mr. Ashutosh Walia

VP Gaming, Hungama

Project summary: Hungama

An entertainment company hired Octal IT Solution to develop their mobile app, which was meant to be viewed as a gaming platform for the entertainment industry.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Sep. 2022 – Jan. 2023
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Ms. Kanchana Gupta

Founder, vLookUp.ai

Project summary: vLookUp.ai

Octal IT Solution has designed and developed a web platform and a mobile app for a mentoring platform. They’ve used React.js to build the web platform and have created the mobile app for Android and iOS.

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