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CMMI Level 3
Business TypeSports
ClientProfeud Pvt. Ltd.
Time for Launch 1 Year

Project Brief

The key objective of the website is to provide the customers with a fun platform where users can connect with their friends, create a team of their own and win prizes as the game proceeds and their picked players earn the most.

Faced Challenges

  • Bring on the table an application for the target audience through which it would be simple for them to be updated about the game tournaments of their chosen team in the local areas or city nearby.
  • The client can make its coupons for marking/advancement reasons and clients can utilize the coupons they wish to apply and recover them when they want.
  • The users can make a Fan club for their number one group to stay in contact with every one of the exercises identified with their #1 group.
  • Users can see the fan details as far as the fan counter of all the groups dependent on states, generally checked in scenes.

The client company was looking to develop an easily navigable and engaging mobile application for its end users with the following features:

The Solutions

Subsequent to breaking down customer’s necessities intently, our Design Team worked upon a visual schematic that characterized application sees for two client jobs:

  • Fans and Business/Venue proprietors. The wire outlining of these applications evaluates two classes featuring the center functionalities of the application.
  • They considered the aesthetics and the ease of navigation along with other important aspects.
  • The fantasy app development team looked into the detailed features and discussed them with the clients before coming to any conclusion.


Profeud is a new era e-sport application that is gaining popularity amongst the youth quite rapidly. The application lets you build a team of 5 from the players of both teams and as you win when the game proceeds you earn the best.

Our Role

CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


How Octal Helped the Client


Conceptualization of the Project

With continuous communication and brainstorming, our team discussed their needs and users’ requirements with the clients. Our experts interacted with a few users to understand the major issues one faces when using a similar application and how these issues can be resolved.


Developing the Solution

Once the idea and concept were finalized, it were shared with the development team. Our experts work on developing a solution that aligns with our client’s objectives, and goals. Since we follow an agile development methodology, constant inputs from the client helped us deliver our objectives.


Integrating the Solution with the Application

The major challenge in the process was to keep up with the existing application and integrate the new solution without messing it up. The solution designed and developed was integrated with the application and was well-supported with the techstack used previously.


Deploy the Solution to the Client

Once the testing and integration were done, the solution was deployed to the client. The solution was designed to meet the needs of the client and managed according to the users’ needs. The stand-out point is the user interface that makes using the application easy.

CMMI Level 3

How we helped this business reduce dependability on aggregator apps from 90% to less than 50%

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CMMI Level 3

Robust Tech Stack

We offer a reliable tech stack that helps the client manage the traffic and the content flow on the application. The application meets the standards of the clients and users for seamless streaming.

CMMI Level 3

Agile Development

We follow agile methodology where we review the changes and the requirements on regular basis and make sure to deliver the solution exactly like the client wants.

CMMI Level 3

Quality Assurance and Testing

The product deployed is tested and quality assured. Thus we affirm that the solutions deployed are flawless and for any updates we are just a call away.

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    We’re always keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry. Browse our resources and learn more.

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