With technology advancement, the pharmacy and the concept of online medicine retail will reach around $26 billion by 2018. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry is all set to take an impressive upsurge and will continue to bloom in the foreseen times. According to a recent study as published by the Mobile Health Market Reports, the figures of health mobile apps will increase up to 3.9 million and out of this a major portion will be dominated by the pharmacy, drugs and medicine selling mobile apps

Several of pharma product and medicine selling mobile apps are out there and leaving startling footprints, and among them the major ones are Netmeds.comand 1mg. com

So, with the high credibility being shared by the above two medicine selling domains in India, people are getting ready to take the right initiatives in the niche of medical app development by harnessing the power of Cloud computing , Big Data, IoT, BI, CRM, etc. Needless to say, the way these technologies are already dominating the health industry is exploding in itself.

So, if you are a medicine selling business, Pharmacy Company or a startup then find out here the top attributes, technologies and the cost for making the best medicine delivery app, to stand ahead amongst your competitors.

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Glimpse of Few IT Solutions in Pharmaceutical Industry 

  • Pharmaceutical CRM Software
  • Online Medicines Delivery Mobile App
  • eCommerce Web Portals
  • Supply chain Management
  • Inventory Management Software
  • POS Software
  • MR Reporting Software
  • Sales & Distribution Software

User Panel

medical app

User registration: The users’ can log in with the aid of email account or the social networking account credentials.

Search medicines: Users can search for the medicines they seek to use in a very convenient way.

Add to cart: They can add the medicines to the cart and can make the purchases when required.

Upload prescriptions: Users can upload the prescriptions and can order the medicines in a very convenient way.

Ask Expert: The users can discuss the health problems and about the various medicines with the doctors and nutritionist.

Blog:  All the pharmacy and medication-related news, researches and the articles associated with the latest fitness trends can be posted and viewed by the users.

Get trending fitness meals: Users can grab information about the most trending fitness products. They can even find the medicines that are mostly ordered.

Compare Products: Under this section, user can compare different products related with the different brands Users can then compare the prices of all the selected products and thus can shop the products in a convenient way.

Track your order: Under this section, users can check the status of their order. They can analyze whether their request had been processed, still pending or out for delivery.

Return policy: Users can return the medicines as well in case they didn’t’ find them appropriate according to their requirements. They can even request to refund the amount associated with their orders.

Assured quality products: Users are kept insured that they will deliver with just the right quality products. They can check all the necessary hallmarks, barcode, etc so as to be assured that they get the quality products and medicines.

Loyalty points: Users get the rewards and the loyalty points for a successful referral or in case they are attuned to the app since a long time period.

Push Notifications: The in-app notifications are being sent to the user s related to the payments, order confirmation, trending fitness products and discounts.

Make payments: Users can make payments for their confirmed orders through the various integrated payment models such as Credit/Debit Cards, eWallet etc in a convenient way.


Store Panel:

Register: Similar to the users, the aggregator can login with his own email account or social network account credentials.

Manage information: The dealer manages its information, the contact details, Email Id and other details so as assure the users about its products and services.

List and manage their products: The store can enlist their products as per their convenience. All the products listing and their associated categories are managed by the concerned store.

Manage products details: All the details related with the products such as nutritional information, chemical composition, benefits etc are managed by the admin.

Show similar products: Based on the users search, the store can display all the related products as well. This allows the users to select the products as desired.

Manage prices: The store manages the price of all its displayed products. It can increase or decrease the rates as per the market norms.

View rating and reviews: Under this section, the store can view the rating and reviews provided by the users for the products they have purchased.

Order Management: All the orders that are captured are managed by the store and accordingly the provision are made for meeting the user’s request.

Manage delivery and shipment: All the deliveries are managed by the store owner. The shipment parties that are linked with the store are solely responsible for making the deliveries based on the drop-off location.

In app communication: The users can communicate with the store owner regarding the health products in event of any query.

Manage discounts: All the discounts, coupon codes, offers etc are managed by the service providers in order to grab user attention.

medicine admin app

Admin Panel:

Dashboard: The admin can verify the entire incoming requests. He manages and takes care of all the provisions for meeting the pending request and manages the date of deliveries as well.

Marketing tools: Under this section, all the promotional email templates, advertising, and campaigning activities are managed by the admin.

Monetization: All the in-app purchases, subscription packages and the other payments transactions incurred within the app are managed by the admin.

Manage payments: The payments that have been made by the users via the in-app payments models or the COD are verified by the admin. The admin then after deducting its concerned share transfers the payment to the respective store owners.

Manage users and aggregators: All the users that are registered with the app are managed by the admin. All the information related with the manufacturers.

Manage notifications: All the notifications related with the updates, products in the cart and their availability information are redirected to the users by the admin

Analytics: All the reports related with number of orders captured, regions with the maximum deliveries, user acquisition, and retention rates, offers used, the category of medicines and health products availed etc can be rolled out in the form of charts for making productive business decisions.

Advanced Features to Standout:

Expert Advice –Users can seek advices regarding various health products and the medicines.  They can consult with the doctors and the nutritionist about the product nutritional information, benefits and the per day requirement as required or directed by the concerned physicians.

 Lab Aggregation – With the aid of this feature, users can find the nearby medical diagnosis labs for the various categories such as thyroid, body check-up, blood test and much more. They can grab an idea about the price related with the tests and can accordingly book their appointments.

 Multilingual:  The multilingual feature allows the user to operate the app in their desired languages. This helps a lot in providing the basic understanding to the users about the services you are providing.

User Friendly Interface: The medicine selling app must allow the users to search for the medicines in a very convenient way.

Refined or filtered search: Under this section, users can apply the filters while they are searching for the medicines. Likewise, they select the categories for which they want to purchase medicines such as stomach ache, body pain, fever, cold and cough etc. This greatly helps in making the searching criteria of the users quite advanced.

Document Upload: This can be said as one of the major attributes of a medical selling mobile app. Under this section, what the users have to do is: upload the prescriptions that they have received from the doctors. They can even upload their medical test reports as well to which their prescriptions is attuned to.

Thus, they just have to drop their contact number and the delivery address, as the medicines according to the prescriptions as desired will be delivered to them. They can even communicate with the doctor post taking the medicines and in context of their reports.

Collect from a medical store:  Under this feature, the users can select the medical store from which they want to collect their medicines. In this way users are not bound to remain available during the order delivery, as they can collect the medicines from the selected medical store and can learn about the dosage requirements to be taken per day.

Track nearby associated store:  With the help of this feature, users can check the nearby medical store for purchasing the required medicines. It might happen that users may not use the app for getting the medicine due to some doubts in terms of quality.

In such a case, they can simply locate the nearby medical store and can avail the medicines owing to his requirements.

Trust, safety, and guaranteed quality:  In case the medicines and the health products delivered by you do not match with the user’s expectation, for sure it will reap out harmful results for your businesses. Thus, provide medicines with all the necessary documentation, transparent expiry and manufacturing dates, drug and salt compositions so as to keep the users assured about the products delivered. This works great in making the user ensured about all the safety and trust issues.

Cloud management:  Now this certainly helps in making the functionality of an app quite streamlined and fluent. All the users’ orders, delivery data, offers availed, the information associated with shipment, inventory etc are all stored on the cloud servers for making the overall medical selling ecosystem simplified.

Other Technologies:


APNS( Apple push notifications/FCM( Firebase cloud messaging)   –   For Push Notifications
Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo –   For SMS, Voice and Phone Verification
Braintree, Stripe & PayPal –   For accepting payments
GWT – For Powerful Programming
Datastax – For Data Management
Mail Chimp Integration, Mandrill – For everything related to emails
Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS – The Universal Operating System
Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress
Cloud Environment – AWS and Google
Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

Team Structure:

For developing a top-notch medicine selling mobile app you are required to explore talented pool key personnel such as project managers, mobile app developers, designers, and testers so as to begin in just the right direction.

Project Manager: Should be equipped with the managerial skills and must be intelligent enough to identify the best in the mobile app industry landscape

Developers: Android App Developer, IOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers

Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer

Testers: A team of proficient and skilled QA experts for delivering a smooth and a rich experience to users

Cost of developing a medicine selling mobile app    

Calculating the cost of developing a top notch medicine selling mobile app is a tedious task reason being it depends on some factors such as the number of features increases, number of hours invested, development platforms and the app development region selected

However, the cost of developing an app depends on the physical location of the development partner as well.

For instance, US based App Developing firms’ take around $40 – $250/hour, for Western Europe and Eastern Europe the app developing charges may vary from  $50-$170 and $20-$150 respectively.

Few south Asian countries  can be said as most reasonable country for developing medicine selling mobile app. The cost for developing a basic app with minimum features for a single platform is around $10,000. However, if you seek for a highly sophisticated and a cross platform mobile app with the above premium features the price many augment up to $20,000-$30,000.