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Insurance Agent Service App Development
Uber for Babysitters that churns out revenues for your business, in just the right way.
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Reliable Insurance Policy in Minutes

Users may search for reliable insurance policies and insurance agents by searching and applying filters in the app for finding Insurance Agent.

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Advanced Search

The Insurance Agents on demand app allows users to search and request for insurance agents using the advanced search and requirement placing feature.

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Select Insurance agent

Users of the Insurance Agent on demand app may search for insurance agents using advanced keywords like location, specialty, fees etc.

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Online Policy Selection

Users may easily search for the best insurance policies online. The Insurance Agent on demand app comes with a wide range of policies to pick from.

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Admin of the on demand Insurance Agent service app has the rights to allocate the job to insurance agents based upon location, availability and expertise.

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Policy Comparison

Users may compare the prices / features of different policies using a Compare Now button, within the Insurance Agent on hire app.

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CRM Integration

CRM integration of the on-demand app for Insurance Agents helps you make the better business decision by offering better services to your customers.

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Convenient Payment

Multiple payment gateways are enabled in the Insurance Agent on hire app to allow your users to make payments using net banking, eWallet or credit/debit cards.

Discernible Features
Salient Features of Insurance Agents mobile application development...
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Easy Sign in Process

Sign-up or login with email / phone number or social accounts and start searching for insurance agents and policies.

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Convenient Way to Contact

Users and insurance agents may communicate with each other using in-app communication, voice/video calling or messaging.

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Customized Reporting

You get detailed reports about your users, orders, insurance agents, payments, and everything else on your Insurance Agents mobile application.

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Prove Reliability

Upon registration, the on demand Insurance Agent app requires thorough verification from insurance agents to maintain the app & service quality.

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Guarding Toolbox

The on demand Insurance Agent service app comes with advanced security tools to protect your users and insurance agents from any kind of forgery.

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GPS & Location Tracking

With the on-demand app for Insurance Agents, you may easily track the location of the insurance agents / customer and track the status of request.

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Cloud System

The Uber for Insurance Agents is managed by clouds with all the important data is stored on clouds. This makes the app run faster and safe.

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Live Dashboard

The user-friendly app for finding Insurance Agent is easy to use and provides you a God Eye View in form of attractive charts, dashboards and reports.

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On Screen Signatures

A signature area provided in the Insurance Agent on hire app allows your insurance agents to take on-screen signatures of customers upon policy registration.

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Advance Photo View/Upload

We create an Insurance Agents mobile application where users may upload & edit their photos, and documents using the advanced photo manager.

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Generate revenue and build a business model by showing relevant in-app advertisements to your Insurance Agents on demand app users.

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Alerts & Reminders

Users, insurance agents, and the Admin of on-demand app for Insurance Agents may set and send alerts and reminders about their bookings, payments and other activities.

Our Insurance Agents on Demand app development comes with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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User Panel
  • User Friendly
  • Add Agents & Policies to favorites
  • Sign In/Sign Up
  • Select Relevant service
  • Choose Insurance Agents
  • Book Now
  • Schedule for later
  • View their details
aggregator dashboard panel
Agent Panel
  • Log-in/Sign up
  • Create profile
  • Upload documents
  • Select area of service
  • Accept/reject inquiries
  • Set availability status
  • Manage his customers
  • View earnings
admin dashboard panel
Admin Panel
  • User Management
  • Insurance Agents Manager
  • Report generator
  • Online Payment to Insurance Agents
  • Add Agents in application
  • Verify Agent Details
  • View/Edit Registered Agents Details
More Features
A Few More Features of on demand Insurance Agent services app development...
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Auto Estimate Arrival Time

The on demand Insurance Agent app estimates the arrival time of the insurance agents based upon their location/availability and sends you notifications.

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Automatic Spam Protection

The feature of on demand Insurance Agent service app protects spamming. Spam users, profiles, and messages are automatically filtered out.

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Thousands of in-app listed categories and policies in the Uber for Insurance Agents, making it easier for the users to find the best policies they want to purchase.

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Feedback Section

Users of the on demand Insurance Agent app may rate your Uber for Insurance Agents and your agents and give feedback. This helps you improve your service.

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Google Map for Navigation

In-built access to Google Maps in the Insurance Agents on demand app that lets the insurance agents find the navigation & your clients to find nearest insurance agents.

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Heat Map View

Heat Map View shows you the most popular areas/ policies/ agents, enabling you to make better decisions with app for finding Insurance Agent.

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Log Book

Log book of the Insurance Agents mobile application records the historical orders, completion and other important data about the customers and insurance agents.

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Online Invoicing & Billing

The Insurance Agent on demand app creates digital invoicing and bills, keeping the necessary monetary records right in your pocket.

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