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Credibility and resilience are the main pillars that our mobile wallet app development company strives for. We affirm that the solutions that are dropped to you affirm the latest technology and confidentiality clause.

Solutions that customers obsess about.

mobile wallet app development

Near Field Communication

The near field communication solutions stick to a highly secured transaction protocol for contactless payments. Our experts deliver solutions that take care of the privacy of the end-users and keep their information safe.

mobile wallet app development

Bluetooth And iBeacon Technology

This is another wireless technology that is used for fast payment. The transfer of iBeacon - A Bluetooth wireless technology used for fast payment transfer in e-wallet application development.

mobile wallet app development

QR Code Configurations

The code scanning feature is quite common these days. It has added to the efficiency of the payment infrastructure. This makes it easier for the service providers to check the payments and make secure transactions.

mobile wallet app development

Payment App

When talking about the mobile wallet app development, we make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you are integrated well with your products. Along with digital wallets, we also drop integrated in-app payment applications that make things easier.

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Dynamic Panels for Mobile Wallet App Development

The digital wallet app development distributes two panels where every panel plays a vital role.

Admin Panel

In case of mobile payment application development, the admin panel plays an important role. Here one can manage the details of the app for the customers.

  • Dashboard: Admin can track the user’s registered profiles and monitor their performance on the dashboard.
  • Manage the Users: All the users that are associated with the app and making the transactions are tracked and monitored by the Admin.
  • Usage Analytics: All the reports generated related to the number of users associated, number of transactions incurred, app usability, and bounce rates.
  • Add/Block Features: Admin has the right to control the accessibility of their users or merchants; who are annoyingly using the e-wallet app.

Merchant Panel

Your digital wallet mobile app development team needs to affirm that your customers have a ceaseless and highly impressive experience.

  • Log in to an interactive dashboard: With the interactive dashboard, merchants can register and login into their profiles.
  • Offer loyalty points and rewards: For every purchase from their store, merchants offer some loyalty points to users.
  • Manage staff & employees: A customized dashboard enables merchants to smooth the management of their store members.
  • Manage EMI payment options: Merchant facilitates best options for the users who can't afford large prices, through EMIs.
  • Add/manage products: Merchants smoothly edit their product details more often inside the dashboard of the app.
  • Add promotional offers & discounts: Occasionally merchants sustain great deals and discounts into the app.

User Panel

Your digital wallet mobile app development team needs to affirm that your customers have a ceaseless and highly impressive experience.

  • User Registration: This is the first process for users to get registered inside the app, with email or social network accounts.
  • Check Balance Status: Users view their cash flows and remaining balance with this section.
  • Add Balance: Add balance makes a flawless add-on of the user’s amount into the app.
  • Transaction History: Users have all of their transaction records in the transaction history panel; they search it using filters for clear visibility.
  • Pay Bills: Once users link their account with the app, they transact the amount or bills more conveniently.
  • See Offers: Stores and apps offer regular deals and discounts to the users; they can redeem the points and use them while purchasing.
Mobile Wallet App Development Company
mobile wallet app development company

Customized Mobile Wallet App Development

Get wallet app development services that deploy solutions that can manage digital debit and credit cards, cryptocurrencies, bank accounts, and prepaid gift cards directly from the smartphone. The solutions that are deployed to you are suitable for Quick Response (QR), Near Field Communication (NFC), Peer-to-Peer payments (P2P), and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST).

Thanks to the revolutionary mobile wallet solutions that make transactions easier.

mobile wallet app development company

Secure Mobile Wallet Application Solution

Create and integrate solutions that are engaging and help you earn better results. The feature ladened solutions are known for the production and archiving of reward points and loyalty card tracking. With digital ID management, we include in the picture virtual licenses to avoid any kind of fraud. The most dominant security features include fingerprint scanning and anti-fraud software (including MinFraud integrations).

mobile wallet app development company

Cryptocurrency Based Wallets

Our payment application development isn’t limited to just online bank account transactions. Our experts can create crypto wallet software that can be used for crypto exchange, liquidating, and purchasing. Not just this we build hardware wallets for offline storage. Our experts take pleasure in bringing to the market solutions derived from bitcoin and blockchain technology. The crypto exchange wallet developers are available to help you as and when required.

mobile wallet app development company

Merchant Based Mobile Wallet Application

Our business development process is client-focused and the designs and aesthetics of the solution fit every merchants’ and users’ needs. One can expect the application to create invoices, track time for payments, split costs, and other important activities. These solutions are quite responsive and can be accessed either on tablets, phones, or computers.

mobile wallet app development company

Integration of Reliable Mobile Wallets

The mobile wallet app development team integrates online payment solutions with an open-source API. We can use Apple Pay, Venmo, Zelle, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other third-party mobile wallet integrations for your application.

mobile wallet app development company

Mobile Wallet Services that Work Across Platforms

Get excellent UI/UX-based solutions that can easily be worked on cross-platform and native (iOS and Android) apps. Along with this, we offer multi-card management, messaging, and social media integration that make it easier for you to connect with your peers and share the transaction details.

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When you are looking forward to building a solution that can help you be at the top of your business, there are a lot of things that your development team needs to take care of. For this, you have to be very confident that the team you hire for your application development is up-to-date and is in line with your business idea.

Round the Clock Availability

We make it a point that the team working with you can connect with you when you want. Sometimes outsourcing your product is a difficult task. You aren’t sure if you’ll be heard or not. We make sure that the wallet app development team is around all the time to take your suggestions and feedback and can help you be in a win-win situation.

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Expert Developers

The developers associated with us are experienced and experts in their fields. With a zeal towards their profession, they are always in the mood to learn more and available for more challenges. If you are looking forward to building a solution that is better than others then the experience and expertise at our end can help.

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Technically Advanced Solutions

The solutions that are dropped to you are technologically advanced and can easily be taken care of. We use the latest technology and find ways to integrate futuristic solutions with your applications to add to its integrity and scalability. This further adds to the flexibility of the solution and helps you beat your competition easily.

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Dedicated Timeline Followed

We make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you aren’t delayed. We understand that the time to market would cost you a lot. Our dedicated developers affirm that the solutions that are deployed are within the fixed timeline without any delays.

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mobile wallet app development services

Technolgy Stack


What Makes Mobile Wallet App Development a Success?

mobile app development company

In a world that is always on its toes and in a rush, people choose easier alternatives for all their day-to-day needs. Mobile applications play a significant role in developing and pushing forward a similar lifestyle. In-app payment methods, online payment, and digital wallets have made the most common task of making transactions as easy as a click.

We move forward with the solutions that tend to build your credibility in the market. Trusting your hard-earned money with an application is a risk and the audience these days needs affirmation before they trust your product. With reliable security features, we make it a point that the solutions that are dropped to you maintain high-level confidentiality and privacy with each payment.

The cloud solutions that we use are world-class and automated. Thus most information stored can be accessed only by you with a few steps of security verification.

Not just this, mobile wallet app development experts affirm that the solutions that are dropped to you have biometric identification and two-step verification to maintain high-level security. With AI and ML taking some space in the domain, we affirm that the solutions dropped to you are trusted by your audience and stand out from the crowd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our mobile wallet app development company sticks to Agile development methodology where we affirm that the client is always in the center of the development process. The process in brief after you place a query with us would be:

  • Our team connects with you to discuss your business idea and a final list of features and functionalities is prepared.
  • The requirements in a documented form are shared with you and once you confirm we move forward to the development part.
  • At each milestone, we make sure that you can verify the functioning and features of the application. In case you need any changes our team is available to make the changes.
  • Once the prototype is done and the application is tested for all its functioning and operations we prepare the final product.
  • We deploy the final product within the deadline and in case you need any support our team would be available to connect.

We believe in building business partnerships that last long.

The cost of development of any application depends on the feature set, technology stack, and other things. We make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you are technologically advanced and keep you at the top of your business.

The estimated cost of building such applications would be:

  • Home Page: $1260 – $5040
  • UX/UI Development: $700 – $2520
  • User Profiles: $650 – $2520
  • Admin Panel: $1350 – $5100
  • Author Panel: $2000 – $7950
  • Authorization and Security: $1080 – $4320

This is the basic cost of development for some standard features. Along with this, the legal documentation and other details are significant.

This is very subjective. Time taken to develop any application depends highly on the feature set and the technology stack. We make sure to deploy solutions to you within the set timeline.


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