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App Introduction

Profeud is a new era e-sport application that is gaining popularity amongst the youth quite rapidly. Enjoy your favorite sports tournaments, with great cash prizes and bring the action live; all in the comforts of your pajamas. Stay indoors and enjoy your favorite tournaments with your friends as Profeud is here to make things joyous and grand for you. The application lets you build a team of 5 from the players of both teams and as you win when the game proceeds you earn the best.


Key Objectives

The key objective of the website is to provide the customers with a fun platform where users can connect with their friends, create a team of their own and win prizes as the game proceeds and their picked players earn the most.

Business Challenge

The client company was looking to develop an easily navigable and engaging mobile application for its end users with the following features:

* Bring on the table an application for the target audience through which it would be simple for them to be updated about the game tournaments of their chosen team in the local areas or city nearby.

* The client can make its coupons for marking/advancement reasons and clients can utilize the coupons they wish to apply and recover them when they want.

* The users can make Fan club for their number one group to stay in contact with every one of the exercises identified with their #1 group.

* Users can see the fan details as far as the fan counter of all the groups dependent on states, generally checked in scenes.

The Solution

Subsequent to breaking down customer's necessities intently, our Design Team worked upon a visual schematic that characterized application sees for two client jobs: Fans and Business/Venue proprietors. The wire outlining of these application evaluates for two classes featured the center functionalities of the application. They considered the aesthetics and the ease of navigation along with other important aspects.

The fantasy app development team looked into the detailed features and discussed them with the clients before coming to any conclusion.

Wireframes & Design

Original Image

Key Features

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    Overview of the Application
    Guests (if they are signed in) can see all distributed pages on the site. They can openly peruse the items included inside and access any classification or static page.
  • key_features
    The members access the online website and get login by topping off a structure.
  • key_features
    Users can register and sign in to the application through email, username, contact number, or a reference code given by any companion.
  • key_features
    Reference Code
    One can also sign in with the referral link that is given to them which makes it easier for them to score better with some rewards in a limited time.
  • key_features
    The end users on the home screen can look, or search by channels (like matches, sports type (Cricket, Football, NBA), classification of the match (Upcoming, LIVE, Results).
  • key_features
    List & Filter
    One can always check the match timings and competition names on the application. Easily find the event according to your ease and timing.
  • key_features
    There is a list of the total number of matches in a tournament for the specific day for any game.
  • key_features
    Be a Part of the Game
    It permits clients to channel competitions by section expense range, competition type, champs check, number of groups that can join. According to that, a client can join the competition.
  • key_features
    Create an Ideal Team
    Here clients can join the competitions by giving the section expenses. Clients can pick a dream group by choosing players dependent on information and consciousness of player's exhibition, player's measurements.
  • key_features
    Create Tournament
    Clients can make their own competition by entering subtleties like competition name, all-out winning sum, section charges, competition size, and numerous group consent, welcome companions.
  • key_features
    View members
    At any time of the tournament you can review the members in your team.
  • key_features
    Edit Team Members
    Here the participants of the competition can see the members list. They can see and alter their cooperative people and apply channels on the boundary of match status.
  • key_features
    Welcome and Earn
    Users can share or allude the application to their companions through the application URL and reference code. Thusly, clients can profit with money or prize focuses reward which gets attributed straightforwardly to their wallet.
  • key_features
    Content Management System
    A well-designed supportive network for the client will incorporate various areas like About Us, Help, Contact us, Point System.
  • key_features
    Client's Dashboard
    Records the account details, MAintains transaction records and Records rankings and other details.
  • key_features
    Payment Gateway
    With an ewallet integration, the application lets the users make payment via credit card/debit card, mobile wallet, net banking, and referral cash.
  • key_features
    Administrator Login
    The app owner can log in to the application utilizing the username and password and access the details they would like to review.
  • key_features
    Administrator Dashboard
    Admin has the omnipresent perspective on everything from the dashboard like all-out impending or planned matches, live matches, effectively played matches, no. of members, and absolute revenue generated.
  • key_features
    Clients Management
    Admin has full command over alter, update, erase, add, actuate and deactivate accounts. They can decide in case of discrepancies to close the account of certain users.
  • key_features
    Group/Tournament Management
    Admin has full control to oversee, alter, update, erase, add, initiate and deactivate teams or competitions. A complete check of fair play is maintained by the owners.
  • key_features
    Classification Management
    Admin can deal with the games completely. They can either stop a tournament midway or disregard the games in case of any infringement.
  • key_features
    Match Management
    Admin has full control to oversee, alter, update, erase, add, actuate and deactivate matches.
  • key_features
    Income Management
    Admin can see all out profit from various matches by applying different channels and record the complete profits and losses.
  • key_features
    Prize Points
    Admin can offer award rewards to the end-users to increase brand loyalty.
  • key_features
    Reward Cash Management
    Admin has the sole right to add, deal with the monetary rewards given to the members.
  • key_features
    CMS Management
    Admin can deal with the segments of Help, About us, Contact us, and others.
  • key_features
    Push Notifications
    Send the clients time-to-time warnings about match timings, scores, results and the sky is the limit from there.
  • key_features
    GPS Location Tracking
    Let the end-users know about continuous or impending matches close by their area.
  • key_features
    Live Match Score
    Give the users a chance to observe LIVE scores for matches by LIVE score API joining.
  • key_features
    Constant Analytics
    Provide ongoing information experiences to settle on better choices rapidly.
  • key_features
    Social Media Sharing, Live Commentary feed, Live video web-based of games, Live photographs of games.

Technolgy Stack

baritastic ios
  • baritastic
baritastic Android
  • eclipse
  • android-studio
  • SDK
detabase Database
  • SQLite
  • mysql
  • sql-server
  • cassandra
Technolgy Misc.
  • javascript
  • css
  • json
  • jquery
  • rest
  • html
  • xml
  • ajax

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