Why MEAN stack is the best choice for your web app development?

When you are looking to create an efficient, flexible, scalable, and reliable web application or website, it is vital to choose the right stack for this purpose, however, this whole process can prove to be quite overwhelming. Hence, it is crucial to strike the right balance between the variables which are involved with the front-end functionality, web server, database management system, and server scripting language. In the present times, MEAN stack has successfully established itself as a few of the most preferred web app and website development solutions. So here let’s explore it all about the MEAN stack and what exactly makes it the most ideal choice for web app development.

What Is MEAN Stack?

An abbreviation of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, & Node.js, MEAN is an assortment of user-friendly full-stack JS frameworks, which are apt to build dynamic apps & websites. This open-source stack is for the developers for swift & organized methods that build MEAN-based web apps prototypes. With the MEAN stack the major advantage comes in the form of language. It is JavaScript, which is a single language running on every tier of the application. This makes the approach to the website and application development way more efficient & modern.

Why should you opt for MEAN stack?

Here we have discussed the reasons that make MEAN stack an ideal choice for software developers & firms:

Single Language Development: The reason why you should pick MEAN stack over the rest is owing to the use of single language all through the development process, for both client-side & server-side. With all of these technologies being written in JavaScript, the web development procedure turns neat. Here let? try understanding this with the other stack, LAMP. Usually, the app is written in PHP on your server, Query in MySQL data using  SQL & JavaScript on the client-side. But what if you are required to focus on just one language Won’t it make things way much easier? It was the NodeJS platform that brought the JavaScript implementation on the server-side. Also, AngularJS uses JS on the front-end, and this way JavaScript is everywhere.

Mango DB

MongoDB: It is the capacity of storing and rendering data that is the most crucial aspect in all the applications. MongoDB is an ideal choice for a database system as it comes to managing loads of data. In contrast to the other databases, it is way simpler to update entire data in MongoDB, where documents are compared to the objects in an object-oriented programming language.

Express JS

ExpressJS: This is a back-end framework providing a simpler interface for creating/requesting endpoints & handling the cookies, etc. The main features of the Express framework are: It allows to dynamically render the HTML pages passing the arguments to the templates. It defines a routing table that is used for performing several actions based on the HTTP method & URL. It enables us to set up middleware for responding to HTTP requests.

Angular JS

AngularJS: This front-end JS development framework is useful to develop single-page apps. AngularJS is a clean way for adding collaborative AJAX-driven rich components & functions to the client side. In the modern aspect, this framework is useful to develop single-page apps that don’t need the users to keep on refreshing pages while they check them out.

Node JS

Node.JS: This robust JS framework is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine. This platform is useful for developing I/O intensive web apps like Video Streaming websites, single-page apps, & other web apps. With it being written in JavaScript, this open-source & cross-platform environment makes NodeJS a great choice for real-time apps. Also, NodeJS development is open-source independent, which means it runs at the same speed across Windows. OS X and Linux as well can be developed on any of the operating systems with much ease.

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JSON:AngularJS &NodeJS, they both use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and even MongoDB stores data in JSON format. This works great for large projects. Hence, JSON can be used throughout the app development process, without any need to reformat data.

Scalable: MEAN stack based on JavaScript is capable of developing applications of any size. But the best part is that the MEAN stack creates scalable web & mobile apps, which means in the case in the future you require adding any new features/functionalities in your applications, it can be done easily with the MEAN stack. These apps are much scalable to fit any of the upcoming business requirements and thus using the MEAN stack will prove to be beneficial for your business even in the long term.

Flexible and Efficient

With MEAN stack being entirely based on JavaScript, it brings together all capabilities that JavaScript holds for mobile or web application development. Whether it is to building pioneering app functionalities, SPAs (single page applications), or any other complex applications, JavaScript can handle it all to create the desired application. Also, in terms of flexibility, JavaScript comes useful for developing apps for any business, any size, and any industry.

Global Community Support: MEAN stack gathers constant support from industry giants and several communities like MongoDB, NodeJS, and AngularJS. For instance, MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database provider. The topmost eight hosting services around the globe supports NodeJS natively. Big firms like Google support AngularJS. Also, NPM is the largest package ecosystem that helps in packaging the solutions.

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Free & Open-Source Components: All of the MEAN stack components are open-source & they update often. As well as it allows developers to customize code based on their requirements. Also with NodeJS comes a rich library of JS modules.

Cost-Effective: Any organization that is keen on developing a MEAN stack app, doesn’t require hiring different specialists to work on a single project. The JS experts can easily handle the entire system end-to-end. Also, an app’s deployment cost is cheaper when using MEAN stack as here components are free as well as it can easily run on any of the servers. This approach makes it easy to interchange front-end frameworks with others like Vue, ReactJS, and other Angular versions, sans any effect on back-end logic & systems. Not just these but along with them, MEAN stack also offers advanced functionalities that make the development process a lot faster and easier.

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It utilizes the power of modern single-page apps because it does need refreshing a web page for each server just as most traditional web apps do. All of these few reasons make MEAN stack prominent for app development and it is popularity is constantly increasing.

Why Does MEAN Stack Is Popular?

Developers are often asked why mean stack? Well, the app development team is well-versed with various technologies and has built solutions in them. But are always biased towards MEAN Stack because the technology has a lot to offer. They find it easier and more convenient to use the technology for interesting results.

Here are a few reasons that our experts think make the technology most popular in the community:

Flexible to Work On

The technology is quite flexible when it comes to working on its functionalities. Since it uses JavaScript for the development process the experts love working with the technology. They can easily develop isomorphic codes that would make things much convenient and fun for them. Since JavaScript are interchangeable, you can write codes in Angular or Node, and later if due to any reason you wish to change the technology either way you simply can. With MongoDB for assistance, it becomes easier for the experts to develop more flexible solutions. The database technology allows the developers to exploit the advantages of automatic sharing features and cluster support.

Thus, hosting your project on the clouds would never be a problem.

Fits in the Budget of All Business Sizes

One major issue when experts take up any development project is the budget. For small businesses, it is crucial to get a project that easily fits their budget. When the developers build a mean stack app the budget is never an issue as the technologies used are available for open-source and can be utilized without any charges. This lets developers continue the development process by making use of public repositories and libraries that are already available over the internet.

MEAN Development

A lot of queries arise during the development process, but since the development is open source the solutions to all the queries are available over the internet. Thus, developers always have access to easier ways of exploring their work.

Perfect Technology for Real-Time Development

Most clients want to have a real-time development process where they can be connected with the developers all the time and see the functionalities of each element that is developed. Compared to a lot of technologies in the market, MEAN is one of the rare technologies that builds single-page apps. Thus, for each server request, the pages would not be needed to be updated. So, real-time changes can easily be made by the developers that would let them build highly efficient and advanced applications.

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These are a few reasons why mean stack application development is gaining popularity. With ease, scalability, and flexibility it helps developers bring on the screen solutions that are interesting and engaging and satisfy the clients and the end-users.

The Final Words!

If you are looking forward to developing solutions using MEAN technology, you can always reach to our experts who would help you enter the market with a future-ready solution. Over the years we have built a strong presence in the market and we understand the technicalities and the key engaging features of almost all domains.

So, if you want to give your app idea a real face reach to us today!

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