Cricket is battle and service and sport and art.
– Douglas Jardine

And all of it is back with a bang!!!

Cricket in many countries is much bigger than simply being a sport. It is a part and parcel of their lives and with IPL 2022 in the next few weeks, there is a lot going on.

Cricket fans around the globe cannot stop biting their nails out of excitement as the day for the IPL commencement draws closer. In its 15th season, the league would witness a clash often wisely chosen teams competing and playing to win the title. While the excitement only increases by several folds each year, this year comes with more dreams and aspirations.

New Teams, More Players, More Matches and the fun is unlimited.

For a cricket buff, this IPL 2022 is beyond simple league matches around the globe. They are all set with their homework and study charts to simply log in with their devices to fantasy apps and make the most of their favorite sports.

Gearing Up for the Big Call

With Dream11, Team11 and other fantasy cricket apps in the market the love and craze for the game increases every passing season. It is predicted that the Fantasy Sports Business in India would reach almost $2.5 billion by the end of this year.  With an increase of around 30% every year, the sector is expected to touch the milestone of $4 billion by the end of 2024.

If you are thinking of entering the market with an exemplary fantasy sports app, 2022 is the right time to take the leap. TBH, the fantasy sports domain is generating revenues far beyond everyone’s expectations. The market is ever-expanding and brings some great opportunities with it.

As IPL 2022 is gearing up to be held in India after 2 years for its 15th season, it is speculated that the revenue generated would be breaking the previous records. It is not only the excitement of homecoming but a lot more factors that make 2022 the year to bet on Fantasy Sports App Development. As the IPL season approaches, the estimates around the money it would generate are surfacing. A lot of experts believe if you play your cards right and do your homework well, this is a great way to generate money in a fun and relaxed way.

So, if you were considering building a cricket fantasy app like Dream 11, hire clone app development experts today.  Not sure if this is the right time to take the shot? Well, here’s everything new that the league is bringing to the market this year.

Are We Talking About the Right Jump?

If you are targeting the cricket audience and want them to put their grasp of the game to the test, simply let them log in with your app and make their bets.

The basic fantasy app format is you make bets on players or choose a team of 11 from the playing 22 and with their success the points are added or subtracted. Not just this, your users would be rewarded for the quizzes and competitions held in off-seasons too.

As the IPL players are excited about the new game format and teams there is a lot that you can gamble on. Our market research team is well-acquainted with consumer behavior and would build an application that can take you to better heights.

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New Teams – Stronger Fights 

With two new teams in the market, it would be really interesting to see how the games unfold and what responses they get. Not just this, there would be a threat to the old teams to not lose their fanbase and these two new members would try to lure the people in general.

Lucknow Super Giants team would be owned by the RPSG group that has been a part of IPL in its previous seasons.

The other team is Gujrat Titans, which has keenly invested in F1, football, and rugby. To acquire complete control of the franchise the consortium has paid around Rs 5700 crores.

A Little Experiment with the Format

This year the game format has been changed a little. Another reason you may have to wait for a real long time to see if your favorite squads play against each other. Till last season the league continued to work in a round-robin format. But this year, we will switch to the group format. The ten teams would be divided into a group of 5 where each member will play a match with all the members of the opposite team.

IPL 2022 Fantasy Cricket app development

Each team is expected to play around 14 matches each against the other group. Adopting the ten-team format is more like breaking from the shell as they have always been locked.

A Longer League

With two new teams, it is expected that the league would be a little longer than the previous seasons. It would commence from 26th March 2022 and conclude on 29th May 2022.

*** A very exciting fact here is after 2011, this is the only season where 10 teams would play against each other for the title.

Money in the Market 

With the excitement in the air and the league being held at home the salary cap too has increased. The number saw a rise from Rs 80cr to Rs. 90 cr. This means there is more money in the market that you can earn from. Thus you would be ladened with great profits and high ROIs.

Also, with the broadcast deals the market would see some more growth.

Mobile App Is the New Ground 

In recent years we have seen a sudden rise in the use of mobile applications. If you want to make the most of the growing millennial culture, just a click and our team of mobile app developers can help you through.

The Big Bonus: IPL 2022 is sponsored by the Tata group.

This definitely adds a little more value to the show in monetary and operational terms.

Final Words!

Now that you have seen how the new season of IPL 2022 is bringing in a lot more surprises for cricket fans around the world, just make up your mind and invest in fantasy app development today. This year is going to be a record-breaking season for cricket lovers with more players, more teams, more games, and more money in the market.

With a little time for discussion and testing our Fantasy Cricket App Development team can deploy a solution that would meet your business objectives and help you great profits!

IPL 2022 Fantasy Cricket App Development



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