Why do you need Google Analytics for your ecommerce app?

You need to know what’s going on with your eCommerce app every day every minute. For this to get in its best shape possible you have to depend on a system that provides you with proper arrangement

and resources to track details of your eCommerce app. Google Analytics is one such facility that allows you to have a complete assortment of features to find out how well your web store is performing comparing the trends and the times. With its amazing web performance analysis enablement, Google Analytics allows you to have control over different proponents optimizing your campaigns’ helping you achieve better results from your e-commerce endeavor.


Here’s how Google Analytics helps to manage and control your e-commerce store better:

Dig into the mind of your users

Integrating Google Analytics with your store, you may know what your visitor is exactly looking for. You will be able to know what brings them back, when and where. You will know on which page they stay for long and what they like to be served with. Besides, you will have all the data about your app downloads and the reference websites. Search results and social shares and everything that your user does are on Google Analytics. With Analytics, you can even keep a track of advertising efforts and corresponding user responses to it. Now that’s great!

Understand what people’s favorite is Integrating the Analytics with your product shopping cart would allow you to have all the details on your products. You will know which product is liked and how much. You would be able to find the details on product views and hits and the traffic that it gets with all the related information you are looking for. You get to compare different products dynamically using different filters. This will help you decide what to promote and how to go about your campaigns. Great way to improve sales and assure standards!

Re-approve and optimize your interface

You are never completely assured of a product reviewing it by yourself. You need to go deep into the public domain to get your product tested for quality and temperament. In order to be perfectly fine with your communication strategy and presentation interface, you need to do a Google Analytics. With its amazing tools Analytics allows you to track Button clicks, Mobile ad clicks, Video plays, Menu selection, Swipes, and other gestures, allowing you to reapprove and optimize your eCommerce store’s interface to achieve the best out of it. Just can’t get better!

Know what works for you and what not

Google Analytics is designed to read people’s behavior. It decides details from each act attempted or done. You get all the details of navigation, engagement, conversions and sales against a particular event of search or relational mapping of the resources. You will even know which push notification triggered more responses and worked better in a given instance. This will help you optimize your actionable entities and navigation plan to have the best results by your side.

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