Why choose Android Oreo over Android Nougat?

Google has already rolled its latest Android update in the form of a developer preview. This most recent update is known as Android Oreo, and it does bring with it a host of changes for good. Lets discuss Android Oreo Vs Android Nougat to find out which is better than the other one.

  1. The change in performance

Every Android update is officially announced with the promise of improvement, especially when performance is considered as the priority. Guess the user didn?t notice significant changes in performance with the inculcation of Nougat on their devices at the time of upgrade (from Marshmallow to Nougat). But this is going to change with Oreo. The user will notice significant improvements for sure. For instance, the system is a whole lot faster to boot in case of an Oreo. It also takes much less time for system-heavy apps to load on the device. So, as far as the first point of the Android Oreo vs Nougat comparison is concerned, Oreo wins hands down.

  1. Notification changes

As far as app notifications are concerned, Android Oreo looks to have brought in a significant number of changes in comparison to the ones featured in Nougat for improved user experience. Oreo gives users the option to snooze their app notifications for a certain amount of time (ranging from 15 to 120 minutes) by just swiping the finger to the left.

Android Oreo over Android Nougat

This action also gives access to the notification setting of the device which enables further configuration as per user requirements. It has also come up with a new feature called the ?Notification dots.? These dots will show up particular app icons to indicate the fact that the user has unread notifications in those apps.

Android Oreo over Android Nougat

  1. Quick setting changes

Theres a little bit of change to observe as far as the quick settings panel is considered. In Android Nougat, a simple tap on the icons for Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Flight mode, etc. would launch an expendable Quick Setting for that item, in particular. But in the case of Android Oreo, it doesn’t work that way. If the user taps on the icons of Bluetooth, Flight Mode, Wi-Fi, etc., it would simply toggle them on or off. But in case user taps on the text that is placed below the icons, the user would be taken to the quick expandable settings for that item.

  1. Oreo comes with a built-in file manager that can be accessed directly from the app drawer

Most Android systems came with a hidden file manager that can be accessed directly from the storage option inside settings. Android Nougat wasn?t different either. With the launch of Oreo, this attribute went through a complete sea change.

Android Oreo over Android Nougat

The built-in file manager can be accessed directly from the app drawer now, thanks to the change brought in by Android Oreo.

  1. User-friendliness

Android Oreo comes with a handful number of features that are virtually tailor-made to simplify the overall user experience. It also comes with the ?autofill? feature which makes it easier for users to fill up forms.

Android Oreo over Android Nougat

It can be activated via the following steps:

  • Go to settings.
  • Then tap on System, and go to Language and Input.
  • Tap on Advanced.
  • Toggle Autofill ON to activate it.

Oreo also comes with an advanced AI which learns about the users’ preferences over time. For example, if the user is talking about food, it will suggest the best restaurants around. If the user is purchasing flight tickets on his/her phone, Oreo will recommend the best hotels nearby. Adaptive icons are another unique feature of Oreo thats seldom matched by anything else. One will be able to customize the shapes of icons now; thanks to this feature of the lot. A few worthy mentions? 

  • Oreo has made significant improvements in battery optimization over Nougat.
  • Oreo supports multi-display allowing users to move any activity from one screen to the next as per their choice.
  • Oreo has brought complete support for Bluetooth 5 resulting in greater speed and improved range.

Final Verdict – As far as the overall Android Nougat vs. Oreo comparison is concerned, it can be said with eyes closed that Oreo wins by a fair margin. If you still have doubts as to why Oreo is better than Nougat, one may consider trying it themselves. The system images are already available on the internet. Want to build an app with the power and features of Android Oreo Get in touch with us.


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