Why Android App is Essential For Startups To Reach its Dream?

It is extremely important to offer the right treatment to start-up lest chances of failures broaden up impressively. A great idea cannot succeed on its own. A whole lot of effort goes into behind for turning a brilliant app dream into a success story. A very important thing that plays a major role in the Mobile App Development process is the choice of platform on which you want your clientele to use your app. For a start-up firm, it is hugely vital to choose the most beneficial app development platform plus taking too much risk and processing experiments can backfire in a big way. In the beginning stage, most of the concerns are hard-pressed for cash so most of the start-ups hit upon the Android app development process as Android apps are not just most popular, but they also necessitate fewer guidelines with respect to launching. Most of the start-ups across the globe follow the process of Android app development. This trend is more seen in developing nations. The major reason being, Android is easily accessible and offers the initial spark kick-start to your Startup. Also, Android has a huge advantage of possessing the larger customer base, thus conserves your brands with huge exposure.

Given below are some of the reasons why Android apps are essential for a start-up:

  1. Android Apps catch the limelight faster

Even though the Android App market is flooded with so many different apps, nevertheless for a start-up firm, it still offers the best opportunity to stand out owing to the better functionality and quality. Android app development process if followed properly, puts your startup on a growth trajectory pretty fast. With Android apps, a start-up firm can receive adequate levels of exposure that helps in maintaining a larger customer base right from the beginning. The uniqueness in your app will foster a feeling of faith as well as trust in the minds of customers. This will help in buying their loyalty which will do you a lot of good in the long run.

  1. Wider demographic range

Your start-up will benefit immensely from the wide demographic reach of Android apps. This holds all the more relevant for developing countries where most of the users are glued to Android apps. Statistics reveal that the Android Market share is bigger than you can expect, and as a matter of fact, Android apps have whooping 80% reach worldwide. Thus, with the ?Android apps, you can directly impact the huge demographic area that can prove to be highly effective for your start-up.

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  1. Android Apps are easy to launch

The approval policy of iOS is very stringent in comparison to Google Play Store as it entails an easier set of rules to adhere to. So, the probability of getting your app published on the Google Play augments, thus leading to a boosted confidence development for your start-up. Software for Android apps is huge as well as versatile. Android apps facilitate personalized UX on a wide array of devices. Another excellent feature that comes up with Google Play Store is that you can release a Beta version of your app that helps in processing the testing of the real environment.

  1. Easy entry into the market

The cash crunch is a regular facet with most of the startups. Now when they go in for Android development platform the license fee revealed there is comparatively less than that of iOS. Hence, it paves an easy way for your app entry into the market. The design, logo and publishing policies here, are not much toil than that of iOS, thus allows the startups for getting themselves established at a reasonable amount.

  1. Increased Return on Investment

We all are aware of the fact that Android is an open-source; and offers the android app developers, free access to all the development tools and SDK hence, trims down the cost of development in a long run. The Android app development process leads to an increase in ROI and allocates your startup with a big customer base. The Android platform offers you this impeccable opportunity to integrate the best possible features into your app as per the current needs and requirements. In the end, the primary aim of every business is revenue and Android apps enable you to realize this goal to the fullest.

Closing In: For startups, Android apps can enable you to build a world-class product with a lesser amount of capital investment. This enables the startups to get along with their work without any hassle, right from the beginning. It even prevents any further predicaments as Android apps are relatively easier to manage in the long run.

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