Now, this is certainly big news: Whatsapp scratched the mainstream by introducing Whatsapp business app for the SMEs. It has landed on the digital surface in many countries including India by adding Whatsapp business app and is all set to bring a secular transformation in the business economy. The enterprises and SMEs can now fetch the business from the Whatsapp business app plus can showcase their services and products to the groups.

Precisely; it can now address thousands of users under a single roof. Therefore, we can state now that Whatsapp is not something that is not just meant for chatting but is a helping hand in empowering several businesses. Needless to say, the Whatsapp business app provides a rudimentary approach to the business, especially to SMBs and start-ups. They can communicate with their clientele in a flawless manner and can serve them in a much-authenticated way.

Processing further let’s discover some of the great features of Whatsapp business app

Create a business profile: This feature highlights and project complete information about the businesses. The users can have a look at the detailed business descriptions, email, store address, website URL and the services it caters. Enhanced messaging tools: These integrated messaging tool permits the businesses to deliver quick responses, greeting messages and away messages. Discernable messaging statistics:

A detailed report regarding the number of messages read, delivered and all the associated workings graphs can be accessed. Run the app on the web: The users and the businesses can run the app on the web as well.

Account type: The businesses can have their own authenticated and verified accounts The aforementioned feature befits the SMB and the start-ups to know their users in a better way. According to research published by Tech Crunch, Whatsapp is having around 1.3 billion monthly users and 1 billion daily users, thus in such a scenario, infusing the Whatsapp business app into the industrial landscape is definitely one of the most magnificent decisions.

Let me tell you some other features of the Whatsapp business mobile app that will allow the businesses to make much fair decisions. The enterprise solution will allow the companies to share the useful notifications with the users such as delivery confirmations, flight updates and much more.

WhatsApp also officially announced a closed pilot program to verify the business accounts via a green checkmark in order to distinguish it from personal and fake accounts. There are still many features that will be coming in the way, but till then businesses can keep enjoying the aforementioned attributes.

Benefits of Whatsapp business app for the SMEs and start-ups

Helps in strengthening B2C interaction

With the aid of Whatsapp mobile app, the business can interact with their consumers in a sophisticated way. Users can straight away contact the business are not required to keep visiting the Contact Us a page for sending the queries. They can have one to one communication in an easy way.

Aid in business promotion and marketing

Whatsapp business app allows the business to market them in a better way. They can showcase their services and products amongst the users’ groups. Additionally, they can go with running the banners on other social sites as well, but when you are serving the vast user base already on the Whatsapp, probably the business is not required to try versatile publicity stuns for attracting the users.

Works in chatbot style

Now, this is something that will add to your overall business reputation. The users will be automatically delivered the greeting messages, whenever the request has been made. The away messages are also delivered to notify the business about client status.

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Authenticated and secured

The closed pilot program enables users to check the authenticity of the business. They can block the businesses or can report spam in case of illegal activities. Thus, users are completely kept assured that they are communicating with a reliable business association.

So, these are some of the advantages delivered by the Whatsapp business app. Therefore, infusing the Whatsapp in the business can help to reap out revenues and at the same time, it serves as a broader platform for dealing with the clientele with just the right approach. Thus, the transformation that will strike in the business ecosystem is definitely the one to keep an eye on.

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