Apple finally reviled its much awaited iOS 9 on Monday. It demonstrates spanking new Siri capabilities and a new name for Passbook. And that’s just begun to scratch the surface only so, we piled up the most interesting features below to assist you to understand what’s new in the new iOS 9.

All New Siri Interface


Apple introduces considerably new and more colorful interface for Siri – and it promise the personal assistant feature can perform allot in the upcoming iOS 9 software update.
For instance if You can ask “show me videos from Utah from last December,” and Siri will recognize which photos to serve up and will show you the same. You can also set reminders in Siri such as “take your god for walk, because the personal assistant can now determine when go for walk.

Spotlight Search

Spotlight iOS9

Apple acknowledged  that Siri and Spotlight have been woven together firmly in iOS 9, which facilitate Siri to suggest things – like contacts – based on your email and calendar whenever you pull down to access the Spotlight panel. which is something that’s not available on iOS 8.

API for Search

Apple now offers an API for search: “When a user performs a search, it can find relevant content behind the apps they have on their device, and when they tap they’re landed to exact place into the app.



Possibly the most exciting feature of the new iOS9 is it’s multitasking and the split window feature. User can effortlessly swipe or pull down additional applications on to the screen which will share half of screen space with the primary apps. So, now you can book movie tickets even as you are ordering food on another app, or preparing your office notes.

Mingle this with iPad’s ‘slide over’ feature, which enable you to run other apps without leaving the one you’re in, and the user’s time per task ratio decreases considerably.

Apple Pay & Wallet (Passbook Previously)

Apple Pay iOS9

With Apple Pay in iOS 9 will enable you to add store credit cards and rewards cards (in addition to bank debit and credit cards).

Apple demonstrated associates like Kohl’s, baskin robbins, and Dunkin Donuts at WWDC 2014. The company also proclaimed it is working with Pinterest, which is about to launch Buyable Pins, so you can purchase products directly from Pinterest. Buyable Pins are iOS-only feature for now and coming later on this month.


Apple Notes iOS9

In iOS 9 a toolbar comes in Notes comes with formatting options. With new Notes you get lot of new functionalities, for instance the ability to make checklists, add photos, draw and sketch within of Notes, add a link to notes from the share sheet, and more …

And Yes…….Your Passbook is now “Wallet”.


Apple Maps

Apple also proclaimed that it handling more than 5 billion user requests per week, which is more then google. Transit directions are added to its Maps app. Now when you enquire information about trains, you will be all able to tap on a station to spot all the lines that run through it

Apple Music (Killer One)

Apple Music

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, introduced something new: “Today we’re announcing the Apple Music, the next chapter in music,” he said. Apple Music is a 24-hour international radio station called Beats One, It features DJs broadcasting from three cities.
The new Music app also has a tab called “For You”. It shows the personalized playlists and albums you like. There’s also a “New” tab that illustrate new albums and artists & top charts.

All content displayed in two panes. The first pane, called the “All”, is where the artist’s entire library available through iTunes.
The second pane, called the “My Music”, it’s where locally stored and owned content is displayed. You can also create and share your own created playlists from these areas.

Health Kit


Women all across the globe will be pleased to hear that Apple HealthKit will start tracking “reproductive health” too. Oh.. Yeah that’s right!

It was a concise mention. But the message was loud and clear: In iOS 9, the iPhone’s Health app will be intelligent enough to track a woman’s period and ovulation. Finally! Apple announced several new HealthKit metrics as well, for instance UV exposure and how often you’re seated.