“The article takes you through the benefits of jailbreaking your new iPhone 6. It stresses on a few selected apps that you get to work with when you jailbreak your device. The article is based on experiences with iPhone app development and the device’s response to jailbreaking – all gained over a series of professional experiments and lessons in a controlled and observant environment.”

iphone-6 Jailbreak

Apple puts up a lot of barriers to usage that you might be looking to avoid. Jailbreaking iPhone 6 is not just about procuring the ability to access more possibilities but also getting access to forbidden world of applications. It is about owning a range of functionalities that you would miss otherwise. By jailbreaking iPhone, you get benefited from great functional assortment of the smart phone features – improving the responsiveness of your iPhone enormously.
I am covering these 5 prolific apps (just tip of the iceberg) you get to work with by jailbreaking your iPhone. This will give you the flavor of how amazing it can get. Have a look!

1. WinterBoard


How about making your phone look exactly the way you like. Once you install WinterBoard on your phone, you will be able to download and install different themes that perfectly reflect your piece of idea. That simply means, once you jailbreak iPhone 6 and install WinterBoard on it, you will be able to customize the iOS 8 look and feel and add amazing delight to your iPhone experience by changing icons, themes, backgrounds and elementary schemes on your phone. In simple words – jailbreak your iPhone 6 and install WinterBoard and get style makeover done on your phone, without a developer account!

2. SBSettings


I find a lot of my friends with iPhone complaining about the changes made by Apple some time ago. The most moaned ones are those made within settings – with Apple putting away the most frequently-used settings deep under the menu layers (this means if you want to switch Bluetooth or Wi-Fi of your phone on and off, you need to go deep down there to apply the required changes). SBSettings keeps this annoyingly tough job at bay and let the iPhone users do the switching and tuning most easily.

3. Nitrous


This app is my favorite. Unlike most of the other iPhone apps that emphasize more on glossy elements, engrossed features and meaty outlines, this app turns up for simplicity and performance. Nitrous is featured as an app with simplest UI. But its USP is not this, rather it is known majorly for speeding up JavaScript – a dream of every Apple user.
When you download Nitrous to your jailbroken iPhone 6, you will find each app on your phone having access to it using the WebKit engine. This will deny all the access limitations to apps like iBooks and Safari and let you surf freely without any jerks or breaks. It gives you more in terms of performance by boosting the third party browsers’ fluidity and the speed up to 300% on your iDevice.

4. Auxo 2

Auxo 2

Jailbreaking your iPhone can give you access to Auxo 2, the most happening iPhone app switcher known. Auxo takes the blunt iOS multitasking bar to a different level of expression, giving it a certain ‘high’ with live app previews, settings toggles, gestures, and many such interesting and unique features. Auxo magically upgrades your iPhone’s task switching ability and lets you dynamically deal with the task bar – by making it utter interesting and simple for you to handle your tasks. Along with multiple settings and easy-operable system, Auxo lets you flexibly and swiftly deal with multiple actions, swipe-delete feature or quick preview options. That’s not all, Auxo will let you access system controls like Bluetooth, Music player, Wi-Fi and if you need so, can also control brightness, sound etc. with your enhanced Auxo task handler.

5. Dashboard X

Dashboard X

Unlike Windows and Android phones, iOS lacks live widgets. With Dashboard X installed on your iPhone 5, you can easily manage to add different live widgets and themes to it. What makes Dashboard X so interesting is the majority of widgets working flawlessly with the application, enhancing the ability of iDevices to deal with interactivity and character attribution.
Something that really moves me is Dashboard X allows you to create transparent floating widgets that can be interactively placed to the Home Screen and used easily.

With all this, I get all the reasons to jailbreak my iPhone 6 and get the most out of the iPhone app development in the form of such amazing apps installed on my phone.