What is Koo App? An Alternative for Twitter

Introduction about Koo App

The Koo app is similar to Twitter. This is an online microblogging platform in which you can exchange your thoughts with others. We all know that many Chinese apps have closed in our country & in this duration, our developers developed a new social app. Our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi discusses this in Man ki Bat recently. Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad also has discussed it on social media channels. People are discussing it nowadays. Let’s take useful depth information about it.

Who Developed Koo App

The Koo app is developed by Aprameya Radhakrishna that belongs to Banglore city. They developed TaxiForSure before developing the Koo app. This is India’s first app that builds in our own language Hindi. If you speak in Marathi or Kannad then you can also use this app. The Koo app is trending now in India.

Purpose to Develop the Koo App

Let’s clear the doubt why it developed while Twitter is still present. Twitter 0.05% of posts are in Hindi & there are 90% of people who post regularly on Twitter are Indians. So the developers thought why should we not develop an app that can be used by only Indias? In the future, we will see a tremendous hike in this app's popularity. The Koo app has got around 1M+ downloads currently.

Features of Koo App

Koo app is so simple that works silimar to Twitter

It has the following feature that allows you to follow others in your languages.

It allows you to post in Kannad, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil & many others languages.

It allows you to share your post direct on Facebook or Whatsapp.

It allows you to write a 400-word long post.

Koo Vs Twitter

Twitter is available in only English but Koo app has Hindi & other 8 languages.

Twitter has a 280-word limit while the Koo app has 400 words.

Twitter is an American Company while Koo app is an Indian company that has more chances to run in the future.

Twitter has 1B+ downloads while Koo app has 1M+ downloads.

How to Download Koo App

First of all open Play store in your mobile.

Type Koo in search bar

Click on the install button & download it.

How to Make Account on Koo App

After installing the Koo app you will see multiple languages. Now select your language.

The number on which you want to open your account you just need to fill out & tap the next button.

Click on the install button & download it.

You will get an OTP on a filled number.

When you complete this process you will find profile picture options there.