What is ChatGPT,  Works Process and Limitations 

Few Words about Chatgpt

In this web story, we will look at what is ChatGpt AI Chatbot and why it has gone viral and gained 1M+ users within few days after its launching.

What is Chatgpt

OpenAi launched Chatgpt a model GPT 3.5. It works on the Machine Learning concept to create and generate a text as well as code on users questions . It can convert text to image.

Chatgpt's Work Process

It is based on the initial model (supervised fine-tuning). Having free service now, it has a sample on the website. There is a register option to open an AI account.

Limitations of ChatGPT

 It has advanced AI features & generates human-friendly text. Sometimes it gives nonsensical answers also. It is a little bit sensitive about the input phrase and is not able to give a suitable answer for a slightly different phrase.