Warren Buffett & Bill Gates both have the iconic McGold Card -Now’s Your Chance to Win One

McGold Card

The McGold Card was generally reserved for high-profile & reputed people like billionaires Bill Gates and  Warren Buffett. The winner can also suggest three names who will each get this McGold Card. Once Mcdonald's chief marketing officer Tariq Hassan said in a statement “their fans have been engrossed by the lore of the McGold Card & if it really exists”.

How to enter the McGold Card sweepstakes

There are 2 main ways to avail this opportunity. First by purchasing and second one is through the link.  Let's explain in detail. 1. Customers who have installed the McDonald’s app on their phones can participate in this contest (MyMcDonald’s Rewards program). They just need to purchase something during the contest (Dec. 5 to Dec. 25) to receive the rewards an entry to the sweepstakes each time.

1st Method

Now let’s talk about the second method. If you want to win the contest without making a purchase, entrants can click on this link (mcdonaldsforlifesweeps.com) starting on Dec. 5 and fill their email address, phone number, and date of birth. This can be done once per day for the duration of the contest.

How to enter the McGold Card sweepstakes

2nd Method