Top 10 Free Translation Apps for Android & iPhone

Voice Translator By AxismobInc.

Focused on facilitating conversations, you can record them, translate them, and even save or send them to people – Free – Android only

No. 10


Fit in with the locals by learning slang words and phrases from a database of over 26,000 in 13 different languages Free iPhone and Android

No. 9

iVoice Translator

This easy-to-use app has a clean and simple interface that displays translated conversations for you to read. – Free – iPhone only

No. 8

iHandy Translator

Learn the common phrases in the place you're traveling and even sync the app with your social channels like Facebook and Twitter – Free – iPhone only

No. 7

Microsoft Translator

Not as comprehensive as others, Its known for features like real-time conversation mode and phrasebook – Free – Android only

No. 6


This app combines language with dialect, known to be even more reliable than the most well-known translation apps - Free - iPhone & Android

No. 5


Acquired by Google, it's famous for its visual translation tool that lets you point at texts and get automatic translations – Free – iPhone & Android

No. 4

iTranslate Voice

 Top app for real-time speech-to-text, it translates phrases and whole sentences in 40 different languages and dialects iOS - $6.99 / Android - free iPhone and Android

No. 3

iTranslate Translator

 Chosen by Apple as the App Store’s Editor’s Choice and with over 50 million downloads, this app is reliable and works offline – Free / $4.99 per month – iPhone and Android

Develop a Translate App

No. 2

Google Translate 

A comprehensive app works in 80 different languages and does text-to-text, speech-to-text, and image-to-text translations – Free – iPhone and Android

No. 1