Top 5 Profitable Small Business Ideas with Low Investments

#5 Online Coaching Classes

The online coaching class is one of the lowest investment small business ideas that can start by anyone. You just need a laptop & internet to start with knowledge of any subject which you have to commend on that. You can generate huge revenue through online teaching.

#4 Event Planner

Let's talk about another profitable small business idea which is event or wedding planning. Weddings never go out of fashion & Indian wedding market was estimated to be around $50 billion in the year 2017 and it is growing at a rate of 20 percent per year. So it's a good investment if you are looking to start a small business.

#3 Cooking Classes

If we talk about top affordable small business ideas then cooking classes may be a great business.  It doesn't require a huge investment but can generate good profits. You just need to set up a kitchen & some equipment, normal infrastructure, the raw materials, and cooking ingredients.

#2 Fitness Centres

Everyone is health-conscious nowadays. They love to hit the gym and burn a few excess calories. So it's a great option to earn a decent amount. You just need space & equipment to start your gym. Once people start to come to your center they take yearly subscriptions & you can earn regular money.

#1 Social Media Agency

We are living in a digital era & almost every company wants to spend their marketing budgets on online marketing.  Having a good knowledge of marketing, communications, & branding, you can start your own agency to help companies establish a strong digital presence.