MEAN Stack  vs  MERN Stack - Which One is to Choose

What is MEAN Stack

The MEAN stack is a kind of java based web application development system. It is a structure of 4 types of major components MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node that build up the structure of the stack, and MEAN is called after them. Nowadays the MEAN stack is one of the most famous & demanding technologies that is widely used for developing web applications.

MEAN Stack Benefits

Tools for managing workflows


News aggregation website


Interactive forums


Applications for to-do lists & calendars


What is MERN Stack 

MERN stack is a mixed collection of technologies (MongoDB Express Angular Node) that make faster application development. The main aim of using the MERN stack is to develop apps using JavaScript only. This is because the four technologies that make up the technology stack are all JS-based. Having knowledge of JavaScript (& JSON), backend, frontend, & database can be operated easily.

 MERN Stack Benefits

Open Source  Software


Free Templates Available


Easy to Use


Development Of The Entire Stack


Outstanding Community Support


Offers More Native Experience


 MEAN Stack Features

It's a framework for javascript.

Components include MongoDB, Angular JS, Express & Node.

Use typescript language.

Copnent based architecture.

Regular DOM

Steep Learning Curve

Bydirectional Data Flow

 MERN Stack Features

It's an open source javascript library.

Components include MongoDB, Angular JS, Express & Node.

Use typescript & JSX language.


Virtual DOM

Better Documentation.

Undirectional Data Flow

Why Choose MERN Stack

No need for context switching.

Better for UI layer abstraction.

Library with a readily available interface.

Supporting MVC architecture.

Control and update large dynamic JSON data.

Smoothly navigate between the front end and the back end.

Why Choose MEAN Stack

Offers an open-source framework.

Flexible in code transfer.

Costs are low.

Helps in rapid MVP development.

Faster development cycle.

Ideal for start-ups due to its lower development cost.

Crucial Factors for  final Desicion

UI requirements

Third-party support

Maintenance & Improvement

Maintenance & Improvement

Security & Scalability

Niche projects