Launch Of India's First Private Rocket, Vikram-S, Successful

Skyroot Aerospace's Vikram-S soared to an altitude of 89.5 km after its launch & met all the parameters.

It is 4 year old startup that is located in Hyderabad & developed by Skyroot Aerospace. It was launched with the help of  ISRO and IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre).

Important Updates About This Story


We want to heartily congratulate ISRO & IN-SPACe. Our PM Mr. Narendra Modi appreciate & said that the rocket launch was an "important milestone" in the journey of India's private space industry.


The rocket carried three payloads made by Andhra Pradesh-situated N Space Tech India, Chennai-located startup Space Kids, and Armenian BazoomQ Space Research Lab.


When Vikram-S launched It got an altitude of 89.5 km & link up with all desired parameters. It is India’s first private rocket.


Today we have created a tremendous history by launching  India's first private rocket. It is the beginning of a New innovative India. Pawan Kumar Chandana, Co-Founder of Skyroot Aerospace, said it is just starting we will create more historical movements.


It was designed & developed by a 200 engineering team with continuous working 2 years. It is energized by solid fuelled propulsion, cutting-edge avionics and a carbon fibre core structure.


Pic credit: Indiatoday