Top 5 Twitter Alternatives Indian Apps: Koo, Tooter & More

A Few Words about Made in India Social Apps

The Indian government & many more celebrities including famous politicians are unhappy with Twitter nowadays. After blocking certain accounts people are shifting to other made-in-India apps. Koo app has gained more popularity among them. If you are also looking to shift your account to another social media channel then here is a list of the top Indian alternatives to Twitter you can look to shift too.

#1 Koo App

The Koo app is similar to Twitter. This is an online microblogging platform in which you can exchange your thoughts with others. We all know that many Chinese apps have closed in our country & in this duration, our developers developed a new social app. Our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi discusses this in Man ki Bat recently. Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad also has discussed it on social media channels. People are discussing it nowadays. Let’s take useful depth information about it.

#2 Tooter

Tooter is another social app that is an alternative to Twitter & has gained tremendous popularity in November.  A lot of ministers & government seniors have shifted to this app. It is also a microblogging platform that is a fork of the Mastodon project. It has also options to post, repost toots, like toots & more.

#3 MitraSetu

This is also a microblogging platform that has less popularity in comparison to Koo & Tooter. It has a design that matches the Facebook app. This app allows you to post your thoughts on your feeds and people can read them & comment also. It has the facility to like, comment & share the post of other people. The user interface of this app is very engaging & also on of the trending made in India twitter alternative apps.

#4 Chittr

Chittr is another social media app that is an alternative to Twitter. Although it is currently running a closed beta, it means that you are not able to access this app. You can view the website. This is because the app is developed on top of the Mastodon project, in similar lines to Tooter.

#5 HungryTripper

It is India’s travel social app that is, to be honest not like Twitter. it is focussed on traveling. It has a social feed that is lightly similar to the Twitter feed. It also allows you to see other users' posts & make your own as well. However, the platform is much more than only the feed. It helps youtube book tickets, plan your travels, watch travel videos, and more.