18 Tips to Help You to Find Great Business Name Ideas (Part - 3)

#14 Abbreviate

business name, it should not be long.  You can use a word or phrase in your business name that has a strong meaning to you. For example Take Cisco, which was inspired by its founding location, San Francisco.

#15 Tweak the Spelling

You can make your business more unique or memorable via remove or adding a letter, or completely changing the spelling of a well-known word. For example Flickr & Tumblr these brands dropped the “e” at the end to create concise, eye-catching names.

#16 Story Telling

If you tell your story by naming your business then it can be beneficial for you. If your business has a great story then it plays a vital role to choose a good name. Storytelling is a good art that can be used to find a great name for your business.

#17 Believe Factor

You can pick a business name that can remind yourself & your employees and your customers what you believe in.  For example, a name like “Nomad” instantly conjures thoughts of travel and adventure.

#18 Pick Words from Dictionary

If you are still confused to choose your business name then you can take the help of a dictionary. You can find a lot of options there.