5 Amazing Online Fun Websites to Cure Boredom Instantly

#1 Find the Invisible Cow

If you are looking for a kind of website that can remove your tiredness then Find the Invisible Cow can help you. Just explore the URL in your browser & enjoy cow with the audio. You just simply need to click in the direction of the audio to spot the cow. p>

#2 Eel Slap

If you have completely finished your work and searching some fun time why not slap someone with an eel. Yeah, it may sound a little weird but it is fun. Just open the website & enjoy your free time.

#3 Paper Toilet

Another one of the famous fun websites to go on when bored. Visit an amazing website the worst you can do is click on a blank screen & you will be surprised. You would not be able to stop yourself. You’d be rolling toilet paper here.

#4 2048

2048 is doesn't need any introduction. Who isn’t aware of this? Join two 2’s and make them 4. Join two 4’s make them 8 and continue. This is a real amazing fun game to exercise your mind and take a break. Continue with the game and see how many 2048s can you make.