Find My Phone Samsung Easy Steps to Recover Your Lost Samsung Device

Find My Phone Samsung

Find My Phone Samsung offers an amazing way to track any lost Samsung device. It's a free tool that helps users to track the current location of their Samsung devices, and erase all data remotely. If we say the best thing about this app is It works even if your device isn't connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Track Lost Samsung Phone Using Find My Mobile

In this Web story, we will learn how can you track your Samsung mobile phone or devices using the find my mobile application. We have categorized it into 5 different easy steps. So without wasting any time let's get started.

#1 Go to  Samsung's Find My Mobile Website

Explore your browser & open Samsung's Find My Mobile official website. Now login to your Samsung account that is associated with your phone.

#2 Select Phone from Left Side Screen Menu

In this step, you can select your phone from the menu on the left side o f the screen. When you tap on it it will be visible.

#3 Temporary Login Process

Now you need to click on "Lock my device" which appears on the right side of the screen & enter a temporary password for your phone in the text box.

#4 Lock the Device

Now you can tap lock it again & wait for your phone to go offline, & click Locate my device. Your phone should now be locked, & its location should appear on a map at the bottom of this page.

#5 Track Missing Phone

You can easily track your missing phone from that map, and even you can do the following from that portal.

#6 Track Missing Phone

Now you can do these things to protect your Samsung device.

Ring the phone to track the current location of your mobile.

 Erase all the data from the phone so no one can access it.

 You can lock the mobile & assign a new PIN.