Find My iPhone in Easy Steps

iCloud Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone is an app & online service provided by Apple Inc. that allowed remote locating of iOS devices, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and AirPods. It enabled devices to be tracked using either an iOS app or the iCloud website.

What to do when your iPhone or iPod are Lost or Stolen 

Today we practically have our lives on our phones that we use. Right from our candid pictures to notes, contacts, credentials, financial apps, important ids, passwords to our bank accounts etc. So no one can afford loosing our phones. We may loose it all if its stolen.

Steps to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone or Any Apple Devices

Open Browser/ Tap Find My iPhone App

Process(Email id or password)

Click on the Map to See Device Name

Find My Devices

Play Sound/ Lost Mode/ Erase iPhone

Click Play Sound to Locate the iPhone

Hopefully Find Your Device

Click the I Icon to Raise More Option

1. Go to

To find your iPhone Devices you will have to log in to your Apple account but before that explore

2. Sign in to iCloud Account

Sign in to your Apple id with your Email id and Password.

3. Click Map to See Device Name

After entering the account you can see here all the device's names & select anyone to find.

4. Click the I Icon to Raise More Option

Click on the dots to see the device name & then tap on the I icon to raise more options.

5. Find my Device Button

When you click on the find my device button further there will appear 3 more options regarding your device location.

6. Play Sound/ Lost Mode/ Erase iPhone

Here you see 3 options. Play Sound, Lost Mode, Erase iPhone. That's all you need to know on your ios devices.

7. Play Sound to Locate the iPhone

At last, you can tap the play sound button to find the location of your iPhone device. When you tap this button your device will be ringing automatically.