Top 5 Best Roommate Finder App 2023

#1 Roomi

Roomi is one of the most popular  Roommate Finder apps for 2022. It allows you to find a suitable room partner according to your interest. It is a magical roommate finder app that helps you to find an ideal roommate for you. It also has the facility to check the social presence of both roommates. In this app, you don’t need t exchange your personal information until you agree.

#2 Roomster

Roomster is another famous Roommate Finder app that is mostly used to find a suitable room partner. It is available in 18+ languages & 192 countries. You can find a good roommate through hobbies, interests, and Q/A. It provides you to connect your social profile which can be helpful to search for a great room partner. Roomster mailbox helps to connect you with a potential roommate when you follow that.

#3 RoomEasy

In this app, you can create a profile. You can fill in your personal description, details, etc. If we talk about a top-rated roommate finder app then Roomeasy is there. You can also add your Facebook profile there if your potential new roommate and you have any mutual friends. If you find something interesting in your roommate then you can check their profile. You can do chatting through the chat app when you feel something interesting.

#4 SpareRoom

Spareroom is a trending roommate app that is an amazing app for all those who are willing to find a good roommate according to their interest. It is a safe & verified roommate finder app that has become more popular in comparison to other apps. This app organizes speed room-mating events where you can meet up with people in the community & can personally talk with them.

#5 Cirtru

It allows users to take virtual tours within the platform so you can check it out safely from wherever you are. This makes it easy to find a roommate to fill a vacancy in your home or look for an empty room to move into. It offers users to have a virtual yours within the platform so they can measure it safely at the place where they are. Cirtru is especially followed by animal lovers. You can set your own preferences in this app to find an appropriate room partner.