WannaCry Ransomware Attack – A Complete Data Exploitation Mechanism

Indeed, May 12th,2017 is certainly a remarkable date in the trending history of the internet. The countries across the world witnessed a threatening cyber attack that left all the prevailing industries spellbound. Ransomware named as “WannaCry” stormed the web with its damage epicenter being in Europe. Certainly, this cyber attack very well revealed the weaknesses of Microsoft OS, but the updated versions are still safe.

WannaCry attacked the Windows XP at an alarming rate and covered around 200,000 machines in a day and the figures are still increasing.

Microsoft declared that the versions like Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows Vista are safe and they must proceed with the software update in order to get themselves reserved. Furthermore, the company offered another patch on Friday for older operating systems, including Windows XP so as to minimize the effects of a Ransomware attack. In addition to the efforts initiated by the Microsoft, British National Crime Agency tweeted some other effective strategies as well to overcome the effects of this computer worm WannaCry. It stated that in order to deal with the prevailing circumstances of this ransomware regular software updates should be considered. Using anti-virus software and frequent backups can also save your information and workstations from being getting attacked. Creating awareness about the clickable and non-clickable links can also prove beneficial to some extent. WannaCry leveraged a vulnerability in Windows OS, that was first discovered by the NSA, and then was instantly publicly revealed to the world. Big organizations such as Renault or the NHS were crippled by the attack and further, WannaCry demands Bitcoins for paying back you all the encrypted data.

This massive ransomware majorly attacked the countries like India, Taiwan, Ukraine, France, and Germany. It mainly targeted government buildings, banks, railroads, hospitals, police and other organizations.

So, to conclude, WannaCry Ransom Attack is an open challenge to the current industrialism. With an exponential increase in technologies, this attack might be a start for making the society threating. So, now there is an urgent necessity of getting ourselves and our system updated so as to simply this era of technological complexity. Work astutely in order to disguise the cybersecurity attacks as the time has come when these attacks will become a trend.

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