Virtual Event Platform Development Guide 2021 for Ceaseless Business Operations

With the outbreak of COVID 19 and the digital domain gaining popularity, the world has moved to virtual gatherings. Around 70% of respondents moved a part of their or almost complete face to face conversations to a virtual event hosting platform. A lot of organizations are leveraging the power of technology to make sure that their employees and clients can easily connect and come under the same roof for discussions and gatherings. With travel being limited and social distancing being the new normal, organizational functions and operations cannot take a backseat.

Significantly, you must get a virtual hosting app exclusive to your business. The best way to host a successful and highly rewarding virtual get together is to go through the development drill on your own. You surely do not have a mobile app development team that can help you in the process and hiring a new team for a short time would question your credibility. In this case, you can hire virtual event hosting platform development service that would function as your unit and would bring a solution that earns you a great customer base.

Why Host a Virtual Event?

The idea behind the virtual event platform is to let you have the leverage the power of the internet and bring your business to the limelight. The idea remains the same to bring your product and services to your customers, drive leads, generate revenue, drive adoption, and build credibility. The event organizers and other team members have been organizing events that would support all of these purposes. Now that the world goes digital it becomes more interesting to hire online event platform development team that can help you stay in-line with the trends.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Event

Saves Time: Hosting an event online would save a lot of your time. It would save in the preparation time, travel time, and conduct time. In case real-life gatherings are conducted the participants would need some travel time but when we talk about virtual events no travel time would be needed.
Your employees and attendees could be available anytime required.

Budget Friendly: When we run a business, the foremost thing that matters is cost-effective solutions. Over the years we have seen this sudden shift from real-time engagements to virtual event hosting which is 75% less expensive. Here you would save your investments on staff, venue, setup, takedown, attendee’s hotels, meals, travel costs, and other details.
Virtual event hosting services are budget-friendly alternatives to real-life events.

Global Solution: Engagement can increase easily when you go global.  You can easily promote your event over the internet and get a greater number of people involved with the event. With an increase in the number of attendees, you can consider to reach the wider audience in less time.

Flexibility of Event: Talking about conducting the event, one gets the ease of flexibility of using the platform to broadcast the event. You get a lot of alternatives to join attendees, conduct events, kickoff sales, or other events.

Build Connections Easily: With virtual event hosting platform development, one gets a chance to expand their connections. Since you do not have limited conversations with limited people, you can always expand.

These are just a few benefits of organizing virtual event platform development. It would also make it easier to expand your business to a larger audience in no time.

Another important aspect that we need to consider when talking about online event platform services is the kind of event it would host. The kind of event that would be conducted would play a major role in the software development process.

How Virtual Events Work?

There are various kinds of events that are to be conducted virtually. The podcasts, some interviews etc. When talking about these events the prominent ones are webinars, virtual conferences, internal hybrid conferences, and internal hybrid events. The virtual event hosting software you decide to build should offer a platform that is transparent and easy to host the event.

When you decide to reach virtual event hosting services for an event platform, you can develop a platform that can be used for webinars. These webinars are typically 45 minutes to 50 minutes.

The webinars could be free or charged. Depending on the nature of the webinar it could thrive to be 100% attendance.

Online event platform development experts use video editing tools that allow Q & A, to present live or pre-recorded videos.

Virtual Conferences

When talking about online event hosting software it must be designed in a way those virtual conferences can be handled.  It is built around a live, complex agenda that includes important notes, sessions, break outs and others. Online event platform development needs to be a well-thought strategy that can serve your industry.

Internal Hybrid Events
The organizations find virtual event platform cost quite feasible. They can conduct internal hybrid events where any organization can bring together its employees from various locations together. With virtual event hosting services, you get solutions that let you share multiple contents easily.

External Hybrid Events
Another reason why you need to think of building a virtual event hosting app. External events are the events that are happening outside of your organization. These events require a high level of video editing and capturing. Thus the event hosting software cost for such apps is a little high.

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These are a few types of events that you may want to include in your virtual software app. It is not just the features and the response of your app but also how to host a virtual networking event that determines the engagement.

With rich features, your virtual reality app can surely be in a win-win condition.

Virtual Event Platform Features Developers Can’t Miss

We have been working on several app development features over the years and make sure that your virtual event platform misses nothing. The app needs to be ladened with features that are interesting and rewarding.

Here’s a list of virtual event platform features to consider for your app:

 1. Customized App to Suit Your Business Needs

The most important part of any business in recent days is a virtual event that would make it easier for the employees and employers to stay connected. The market is surely flooding with home-based online event guides and mobile event apps. Customizing an app or coming up with a one-page website for the event is as important for virtual events as it was for real events. Our virtual event platform developers ensure that you can simply schedule and design your event website with the in-built tools in the software. You can add multiple agendas for various dates and set reminders for the same.

If you want to hold an event successfully there are a lot of aspects that you need to pay attention too. A customized app and website to support the event is the most crucial element to be considered.

2. Automate General Functions

Talking about the general functions of the virtual event platform software, it would be worth if it takes the least human intervention. We make sure when working on your virtual event platform, we automate most of the activities in the work.  Easy listing, time lock, reminders, synching with calendar, and sending regular emails make it quite easier for us.

3. Integrate Event Management Software

Interesting integrations of various small solutions like registration, form submission, CRM systems, automation, etc. can make it easier for your team to arrange an event. The data can also be shared with the marketing team and the rest can be taken care of. The virtual event platform solution that is delivered to you would be integrated with various software that can make managing events easier.

4. Variety of Space Types

We understand when you reach us for virtual event platform development you want us to create a solution that makes it easier for you to conduct various events. It would help you organize webinars, one to one sessions, and other events from the same platform. We know you sometimes need to connect simply with your team and sometimes you want to include your clients too. Everything is taken care of in our virtual event platform software.

5. Live Broadcast

The solution delivered to you is worked on really-well. The web app developers associated with us ensure that your virtual event can be broadcasted live too. Thus, if the discussion is between a few people but the audience size needs to be greater, share the link and the event goes live over various channels.

6. Pre Recorded Content

The next in the list is the pre-recorded content. If you want to telecast a pre-recorded content via your virtual event platform software, we do let you do that. Not all the time you want a live event, we understand that. Sometimes for orientations and training you need to show the recorded content. So, our platform can save these and you can share them easily as and when required.

7. Communication & Engagement

We do let you add interesting elements to your event content. You can work on quizzes or QA or other elements that would keep your attendees engaged with your work. Also, it would make it easier for you to communicate with the participants and have highly productive and profitable sessions.

8. Social Media Integration

Integrating social media buttons with your virtual platform event solution would be quite profitable for you. With this, your participants and you can easily share the event details and links with the potential attendees. It would help you expand your domain and reach a larger audience.
In the virtual event, you have the advantage of expanding your audience base to infinity.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to inform and remind your participants to engage with your virtual event. When the experts work on virtual event platform software development they make it a point that you can personalize, automate, take follow-up, provide open rates and record the mails according to the list that is provided.

10. Event Ticketing

Create event tickets as you finalize the date. Event ticketing system is an important feature to ensure what numbers of people are attending your event. The virtual event platform software would take care of creating tickets, advertising, and recording the participant lists.

11. Session Registration

The next in the list is to take care of the registration process. Our developers integrate a registration tool with your software to avoid any last-minute confusions. With the help of these tools, attendees can register for virtual events, submit preferences and personal information, and provide payment if required.

A robust registration tool with your virtual event platform solution can help you analyze and read the data that is collected.

12. Real Time Announcements

Integrating your virtual event platform with real time announcement software would make it easier for you to reach to the attendees. This would work exactly like your in-house HR team informing the participants and others about the event and how it would run.  So, when you are looking for a virtual event platform development service provider do ask them to at least add this feature in your solution too.

13. Feedbacks

Feedbacks and reviews lay quite an important role, when it comes to virtual events. As soon as you wind up the event, our virtual event platform software would generate review forms that could reach to the mails of each of the participants. These feedback forms would help you know the highlights and the pitfalls of your event.

You can work on the pitfalls and strategize on making the highlights better.

These are some of the basic features that we surely consider for your virtual event platform development. If there is something else that you want to include in your work, then feel free to reach to an expert development company and enter the market with a unique and innovative solution.

What Is the Basic Virtual Event Platform Cost?

When talking about any app development the cost depends on the features, technology stack and other aspects. We offer affordable solutions with advanced technical stack that would help you mark a presence in your domain. The basic virtual event platform cost would be something around $10,000 to $100,000.

Along with these you would need to pay editing costs of around $150 per session. One can skip these, as most tools these days come with recording alternatives and you can record the video and let the in-house team do the work.

So, when you reach out to the experts for virtual event platform solutions make sure you know exactly what you want and how you would continue with the development process.

How to Host a Virtual Event?

Well, now that we have developed a Virtual Event Platform for your organization the next in the line is to know the right way to host any event. Our mobile app development experts can help you with virtual event platform development, but they cannot help you manage the event.

No Worries!

We share here a simple guide that would turn you into a great host and help you conduct virtual events like a pro. We’ll be dividing the process into three phases.

1. Before the Event
2. During the Event
3. After the Event

Conduct Virtual Events like a Pro

Before the Event

Simply deciding the last date of the event won’t earn you a lot. There are a few more things that you need to be prepared with before you conduct the event.

Know the Purpose

Above all understand the purpose of the event. Determine why you want to conduct a particular event and what would your customers get in return. Also, identify if the event is a one to one sessions, a product launch or a brand awareness campaign.
Working on the details of the event is important and you can choose to miss the target audience.

Know Your Audience

It is important that you understand your audience. A grasp of your potential audiences’ psych can help you plan the event in a better way and arrange your content in the right manner. An idea of your audience’s interest would help you know what the right strategy to conduct your study is.

Know Your Plan

Work on a virtual event plan that has answer to all the questions those potential users may ask. Understand what you need to work on and how you would plan your complete journey.

  • Managing Registrations
  • Charge or Free
  • Live or On-Demand or Both
  • Number of attendees expected
  • No. of sessions planned

And lot more…

These are just a few things that you need to consider when there is an event in your family.

Know Your Budget

When you plan your event make sure you do not exploit the budget. Although this is a virtual event, you should be alert about your expenditures and how you can work on them. The major investments for your virtual event would be on the right technology and the right promotion strategy. Sounds like an idea?

Work on Your Content

Make sure whatever you are presenting is engaging enough to hold your audience. In a real-life scenario, they do not lose concentration. They would be seated in the event from the start to the end. But in case of virtual event they may leave and you may not notice. So be smart with what you bring to the stage.

Have Solutions for Technical Glitch

There could be probabilities of technical hiccups. Make sure that you are all set and have an idea of how things would work. Have a plan B and check for all the aspects that may create an issue.
A dry run of the event can help you avoid the embarrassment of putting something wrong in front of your customers.

Find the Right Date and Time

This is an official gathering where you would be asking others to join you. Make sure you invite them and be available at least 15 minutes before the event. Also, make sure that you have a list of attendees and understand how you may be addressing them in the journey.

Promote Your Event

If the event you are working on isn’t an internal matter, take to the social media and let people know there is a seminar. You can market the events and increase engagements to make things easier for you.

During the Event

Allow Two Way Communication

When in the event let your attendees connect with the presenter. This would make the event interactive. When working on virtual event platform development, the mobile app developers make sure they do include interesting elements that make the interactions between both the parties clearer and easier.

Add Engaging Elements in the Session

During the virtual event, you would like to add some elements of engagement to it to make sure your attendees have all your ears all the time. Arrange for QA sessions, games, quizzes and other modes that would make sure they are available in the event all the time.

After the Event

The work is not done once the event is done. There are a few things that you need to take care of.

Take Follow Up

It is important to have a clear feedback of the members who attended the event. Also, connect with the people who missed. With our virtual event platform software, you can send custom emails to the members.
Automate your working with the platform and get the most of the technology.

This is how you conduct an interesting and engaging virtual event. With the virtual event platform features, we offer you can only expect to grow better.

The Final Words

Virtual event platforms are now a significant part of any business. If you don’t want to lag behind, reach to the virtual event platform development company and get a solution that would help you stay connected even from remote locations. An in-house solution would give you an advantage of customizing it and adding features that you would love.

Any virtual event platform solution needs to be worked well, and engage as many participants as it can. The more it is similar to the real-time discussions the more popularity and easier business operations.


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