Upgrade Your Mobile App to Next Generation iOS8

Without a doubt, the iPhone is one of the hottest mobile technologies around. Over the years, we have only seen it grow from one point to another in terms of features,

make and product definition. We have also seen it coming up with great possibilities for both developers and users from time to time. When Next Generation iOS 8 based iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were launched about a couple of months back, the sales figure touched whopping 10 million units with people shifting to the newest app categories in no time. This clearly indicates how important it has become to upgrade your app to the new OS.

Here are the most important reasons on why you should adapt to the new iOS8 so aggressively:


Fixing problems: The user of your app has shifted to iOS 8 and wants your app to work properly with the advanced features of the new device. This is only possible if you upgrade your app and fix problems that arise due to the compatibility issue or the limitations that the existing version of your app has when compared to the upgraded facility of the new OS. So, in order to make your user get the best of experience with your app and most importantly make them stick to your services, you need to go for iOS 8 app development, before you miss your flight!

Future-Proofing: Even if your app is not much complicated in terms of functionality and does look fine for now, it will automatically lack the sheen in the coming few months as most of the applications will be built on the latest technology. People would go with an app that gives them a better user experience and acknowledges their technology shift, that too at the right time. So, if you think you would go smooth with the existing app ignoring the future-proofing, you may act a defaulter to your user base.

It shows you innovate: If you don’t take innovation seriously, you are out of the race. By upgrading your app to the latest technology, you pass on the message that you care for their latest needs besides assuring them of innovation. By upgrading your app to iOS 8, you will tap the new possibilities to provide your iPhone 6 users with better options to connect and interact with you. Most importantly, it gives you the edge to perform above your competitors.

Refresh your reviews: Get the chance to invite new reviews from users and increase the app rating by upgrading it to the latest version. This, in turn, helps you command better responses from users and hit the best of options for a better brand presence over top review platforms.

Encouraging greater engagement: People using the latest iPhone have certain expectations from it. They keep on looking at new things coming their way. If you update your app to act compatible with iPhone 6 and Plus, you dig your way to enhanced possibilities to communicate with the new user base that is already motivated to engage with your new idea.

The new app leads to new opportunities! Take this upgrade as seriously as they are taking and gain a chance to lead the pack. Go with the idea to revive and restore your presence with the new app. Your customers want you to act! Gift them the loyalty bonus they desire and make your business breathe in more profits you deserve!

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