Top Digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2016!

As we have entered in the second month of 2016, constant changes in the digital arena must have come into notice. These incessant game-changing trends have certainly left the marketers baffled as they have a hard time keeping up with them all.


However, if we dig a bit, then these trends could help in a big way and all it needs is a substantial understanding of the scenario. Here we bring to you a guidebook on how marketers should plan for 2016. So, follow these top trends and be ahead of the crowd.

Focus on user-generated content: The days are over when consumers would consume more content and now they believe in creating more. This paves way for marketers to capitalize on the same. For instance, you see Snapchat’s Live Stories aggregate user videos and photos from events. Its live Coachella story appealed to 40 million viewers.

Mobile video: Nowadays, most people rely on their mobile devices in order to consume content in their downtime. Interestingly, 29% of video viewing in the U.S. takes place on mobile devices and this signifies the attention held by them.

Blogs: Needless to mention, blogs have been making a mark for quite a long time now, however lately it’s been noticed that they are growing in importance to marketers. Almost half of digital marketers (45%) rank blogs among the most imperative content created by them and this way it’s ahead of visual pieces (34%), videos (19%) and podcasts (2%). Blogs are considered as an important channel by the marketers as 57% of them rank blogs as the most imperative content they create.

Millennial-targeted marketing: Do you know that Millennials are now a huge part of the workforce (35%), and note the fact that they are getting married and having kids. There are over 80 million Millennials in the United Stated with them spending $600 billion per year.

Facebook for video: Facebook videos are surely the new hoopla with more and more consumers turning to Facebook to consume video content. Since the time it has been introduced, it is continuously garnering eyeballs and just in the first quarter of 2015, Facebook averaged 4 billion views per day with half of the active Facebook users watch at least one video per day.

Social commerce: Among the recent changes, the most noticeable was social networks such as Twitter, for example, introducing a “buy now” button in advertising. A massive 64% of marketers consider social as a game-changer.

Messaging apps: For this one, it goes with saying as everyone is aware of the messaging apps rein. In fact, six out of 10 apps that are more accessible and popular on a global level are messaging apps.

Mobile advertising: There can be huge changes soon as you might see mobile advertising garnering a fair share of the advertising budget, considering the fact that Americans spend 24% of their media time using mobile devices.

Marketers spend on Facebook: Despite the general perception that Facebook popularity is a thing of the past, marketers still show immense interest in the platform. There are 53% of marketers that say they are keen on raising their Facebook advertising spend in the coming year, i.e. the biggest number for any digital channel.

Social media: The budget devoted to social media will surely increase as 70% of marketers plan to add to budgets on social media marketing.

Digital Prophets: Digital marketing has never been easier and in the coming times too, the intricacies will be going to the next level. There as 27% of marketers unbeknownst to the current technology and trends as this poses a big challenge. Most of them hire individuals to act as digital prophets and assist in anticipating future trends.

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn: Hands down, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are social media’s big three, as all marketers (93%) use Facebook as a marketing tool, with Twitter (93%) and LinkedIn (71%) following it.

These above-mentioned tips and trends will come in handy to meet the growing demands of the industry and can help you make a big difference in the world of marketing. Following them, you can surely attain a lot in a shorter span of time. Keep a tab on the space for more updates from the arena.


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