Top CRM Options Compatible with Drupal

Drupal is an amazing CMS platform and there’s no doubt about its capability. It’s easy to manage, organize and push out projects working with Drupal no matter how big your requirement is. However, to make things work optimally in any giving situation and to make it compatible it’s highly important to provide it with a stage and more than that a mindset to manage the idea of the web communication most effectively.

Quite obviously when it’s about managing some content it has to be with a long list of data associated with some people, channels, resources or functional attributes. So, there’s some sort of relationship to be maintained between the service and the beneficiary and many other things that travel and get exchanged between them. It’s the CRM that works here as a core solution and offers a consolidated resource mechanism to help you obtain value out of it.

CRM stands for Client Relationship Management and can be anything of a sort that deals with Constituent Relationship Manager depending on the sector (Precisely a for-profit and not-for-profit sector) This means putting Drupal up with a CRM makes sense in many situations. When you make a business meet its digital objectives or functionary meet its resources or airlines manage its flight operations with all the passenger details at a stretch of services. All these situations require a compliant framework to serve them in alliance with Drupal development services.

Have a look at top CRM players that work best with Drupal and get you an out-of-the-box integration of CMS with CRM:


RedHen is a collection of modules that are native to Drupal. This makes you work independently on the CMS without having to look outside the platform to refer to other facilities for your CRM endeavor. You get the ability to combine different facets of features that are otherwise scattered and are available only in the paid or subscribed form. The only drawback RedHen has is the downtime. Otherwise, it’s something that would help you go with the best of ability to have CRM functions working over Drupal.


CiviCRM is a custom PHP application that looks just like a Drupal module and offers you a look-alike interface helping you work easily on different aspects of CRM that are virtually Drupalified. It comes with great features to work on and is quite weighty. However, at times it could be rough on edges and can have supply-time bottlenecks causing inconsistency in development. The program is otherwise quite impressive with its overall capacity at producing large CRM based applications with Drupal.


A name you can trust anytime. It is a solution preferred by commercial sales-focused companies around the world. Salesforce combines with Drupal to offer amazing customization options including views, rules and module hooks. Written in its native language, Salesforce is comparatively expensive and has proprietary resources to offer, which is the only downside. It is a cloud-based CRM, so the integration takes place with the help of a REST interface.

Sugar CRM

A renowned commercial edition player and debatably one of the most used CRMs in the world. With Drupal, development moves quite quickly and smoothly on Sugar CRM because of the direct integration offered in the form of OSSCube as a common unified service. The resourcefully done field mapping between Drupal and Sugar entities makes it really manageable and syncable. It has its own marketplace and extensions which makes it far reliable than other options.


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