“Words Have Meaning and Names Have Power”

There were 3.5 million applications on Google Playstore in the second quarter of 2022. The whopping number reflects how little of the window you have to stand out in the market with your new application. 

And you thought it was easy!

One of the most challenging business decisions you would be taking is, choosing an apt name for your application. The “First Impression” you create with the name would significantly impact the competition you stand against. The one thing that surely your app name needs to do is, arouse interest in users and portray what your app is about. 

Why Does Your App Name Matter?

**What’s in the name? Still, we do not call a rose by any other name!**

The point is a name, with time, becomes your identity, and your app name would be your business identity. Your app name and icon would introduce your motives to the user. If it fails to entice them to explore further, you are probably out of sight and your audience’s mind. 

Here’s a secret, “If you include keywords in your app name, your visibility will increase.”

Let’s assume you enter the market with an application designed for fitness enthusiasts to help users make a workout schedule, track calories burnt, and check daily calorie intake. Wouldn’tWouldn’t it be wise to name an application like this GetFit or BeFit? 

Simple, yet clear!

We know picking a name for your business is not a cakewalk. It would be best to think of something your user relates to, is unique, and reflects the app’s functions. 

With the numbers we have discussed above, finding a place in the app store and apple store is a challenge. The experts associated with us share here their guide to choosing the right app name for a business.

10 Tips to Select the Perfect App Name

Mindmap Your Story

Spend time and consider all the aspects your application covers. Enlist the features, create a growth map, draw audience demographics, and consider the purpose of the application. 

We have only discussed your app nomenclature journey from your audience’s perspective. Now let’s consider the future of your business. You cannot choose a name that isn’t aligned with your business expansion. (Changing name in the future would impact brand value)

It is a challenge to create a name that can satisfy your users, make you visible, and reflect your business identity. To make this happen, consider a few things as you create a mind map. 

Do not Forget the Keyword.

In the pursuit of being creative and outstanding, do not overdo yourself. If the keyword comes naturally in what you want to express, cool, do not try to stuff. A few things to focus on here:  

  • Stick to your app purpose 
  • Build emotional context

List Down Potential App Names

Before settling for any name, pick up at least five names so you can discuss their viability. So the first step is to build up a primary app name list. The name you chose may be used by someone else. Of Course, a unique name is required for the application and should be original enough to reach your target audience. 

One of the critical advantages of beginning with various names is that you will have sample sizes to offer to your trusted friends and family. These people will act as unbiased end-users and give you an opinion about different names. Also, you can check the availability of the name from the app store name to ensure that it has yet to be chosen. The same name may belong to an offline product or someone’s Instagram or Twitter handle. Nobody wants to be charged with being unoriginal. Also, you can take the help of a mobile app name generator to build as many names as you wish.

To come up with an intriguing name, you must work on various aspects and probable suggestions. To create the list of names, simply consider the key points. 

Dig up for Synonyms

If you are entering a highly competitive market, then there are possibilities that most names or combinations you think of exist in the market. 

Relax! We’re looking for a name in one of the richest languages in the world. Simply look for intriguing synonyms in the basic name you thought. Or choose an engaging “other language word.”

Include Amplifiers

And done! How about creating a phrase with keywords and amplifiers and then deconstructing it to look better? 

One of the easiest ways to get things done and help you be at the top of your business. 

Work on Portmanteaus

Combine two keywords that reflect your business in one and create a unique name. 

Snapchat comes from snap and chat,  SplitWise comes from split and wise, PicsArt comes from pics and art, and much more. 

Easier said than done, but you can list your favorite applications and your competition and work on the maths for an interesting name. 

Pick the Wrong Spellings and Interesting Names

Qustodian, Nwplying, and Netflix are some applications that have smartly played with the wrong spellings of the word they wanted to use or eliminated a few letters from the name. 

Just pair up your keywords, eliminate the letters you can, and have a fantastic list there.

App Name Generator Tools That can Assist you

Stick to the Rules 

You can follow different rules to fix names for Google Play and iTunes Store. About iOS app name rules, bear two things in mind:

  • The number of characters that can be used for mobile app names has been reduced from 255 to 50;
  • You cannot put in added descriptions unless they are a part of the app name and come in the 50-character limit. 

This has been a significant implication for developing names. If app names are long, it seems like spam. Long names do not benefit the users as they cannot be fully displayed. On iOS, the user can see just 25 characters of the name. The same holds good for Google Play. Developers are allowed only 30 characters for the app name. Follow these latest rules for Google Play and the iTunes Store, and you will surely attract maximum users.

Play with Compound Words

Searching for one-word titles relevant to your app is a tough call. This process can be made easy if you choose compounds. Rather than searching for simple words, pick up the primary keyword which explains your app’s functionality. Next, use it with something linked to your application. For instance Evernote, this one is for making notes. Evernote is a combination of Ever and Note, ever means always and note for an app to keep notes of your ideas, thoughts, something important, etc. Tweetbot is another such example.

Visualize Your Brand

The best names help build better brands. But the fact that should be noticed is that the brand does not just name you to choose from, but the entire package. It is vital to choose a good name for your product. The app name and your brand need to be aligned lest it becomes tough for the audience to link the two. So be smart enough to develop the product desired and then choose a name accordingly. Remember to consider the goals of your target audience. 

For instance, Facebook instantly reminds us about communication. The same thing happens with McDonald’sMcDonald’s logo or, for that matter, when they see an Angry Birds app.

Do Consider the Hook Factor 

The app’s name should be such that it immediately comes to mind. An app such as Shazam comes to mind quickly. This is a music app that has more than 100 million users. When users look for any music app and find such a name, they are more likely to check the title as it is very catchy. On the other hand, if the name is not per user expectations, they will not even check your app.

The app’s name should be different and memorable so that more and more users are inclined to check it out. They should be propelled to do an extra search of the app on Google.

Keep It Simple, Sire, While Naming an App.

People like a simple name as it is challenging to recall. The title should be easy to pronounce, lest people may avoid your app for reference. Keep the name small and crisp. A tongue twister is a big no-no. The best way to ensure this is to limit syllables to just two or a maximum of three—for instance, Twitter, Candy Crush, Pandora, WhatsApp, and so on. The user must be able to roll off the tongue without any problem. Check on your friends as well as your family. If they can pronounce the name the way you want, even the end-users can do the same.  

Research as much as You Can 

Try to do lots of research so that you end up with an app name that is authentic and one-of-its-kind. This will keep at bay any legal ramifications.

Localize Your Name

When you add metadata as well as keywords that target different countries as well as languages, this adds up to the bottom line. Many people browse and search for apps in the language they speak. And as users can vary the settings of the App Store to the language they use, developers should go in for Android and iPhone app name localization to avail of the maximum benefit.

Take Time to Choose the Right Mobile App Name

The app name should be chosen without haste. Even if you have a perfect title, follow all the suggested steps to ensure everything is in order. Take the recommendation of your friends as well as family.  

The Final Words

The best and the most popular mobile app names do not come out of chance. A lot of effort goes into choosing the perfect mobile app name. Most of the time, the right app names come from the lengthy brainstorming process. Keep all of these tips in mind and choose the right app name.

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