Well, it’s the time for one of the most awaited series, Games Of Thrones. The series had actually revolutionized the ideations that one carries while stepping into any kind of prevailing competition. With all the due advancements across the virtues of the modern era and since all the persons whether tech, non-tech, entrepreneurs and startups are chasing down for earning magnifying reputation, this series had made a major impact on all the existing business domains and has undeniably taught us that there exists no boundaries in the path of your adopted ambitious journey. There are some of the famous dialogues that can certainly modify our perceptions and can boost our motivation for getting the goals accomplished and conserved.

Jamie Lannister

“Jamie… my name’s Jamie.”  Jamie Lannister

One of the most amazing dialogues led by Jamie Lannister which prescribes that before actually landing onto the grounds of competition, introduce yourself with an utmost dedication and motivation. Might be you are a startup or a large enterprise, keeping hidden truths can harm your reputation to a great extent. Make yourself presentable in a completely different style.


“Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick; a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”  Lord Varys

If you are looking for someone to support you in the entire journey, then, oops you are not on the right track. Believe in the power of your self to achieve things instead of gathering the people’s support and admiration. Might be you have noticed it many of the times that the shadow is being elongated the moment you step into the sunlight in the front of the wall. Well, the same goes in your journey of goal as well, never underestimate yourself upon any kind of witnessed failure, instead learn from them, grow from them, get inspired by them. The moment you start looking into your shadow, the moment you will realize that you are much bigger and undeniably stronger.

“Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder.”Petyr Baelish

Well, in the daily life or in professional life there are several circumstances that may actually puzzle you, your rivals may back-bitch, or you can enter into any kind of financial crisis but the question that arises here that is this really matters. The answer to the question lies just within yourself. Do not allow these headaches to disturb you, just remember that the things you have dreamed of are larger than these troubles. So, no matter what the situation you are into, you should keep going as, in the end, it is the number of steps taken are counted.

Tywin Lannister

“A lion does not concern himself with the opinion of sheep.” Tywin Lannister

So, if you are running a business or a start-up or a manufacturing industry, take the actions that you want instead of listening to other people that exists. While initiating a particular journey, do not get demotivated by the opinions and views of other people, but instead, remember your vision that you have dreamed of before starting. Remember that the voice of all the persons will automatically slow down, once your success gets itself aloud.


Lone wolf dies, but the pack survives – Ned Stark

It’s the last but not the least, for beginning any phase of life, you need a trustworthy squad of companions who could stand beside you. Remember in case you walk alone, the distance that is to be traveled shortens up, but in case you walk with a team you cover up admirable milestones. Conserve yourself with the crew of positive people for acquiring the desired goal. The victory of milestone that is achieved alone cannot be celebrated but yes, it can be celebrated with a group. Might be you are an MD, CEO, or a small shop owner or whatever, it is your sole responsibility to respect each and every person that is associated with you, and most importantly, do not doubt or judge the capabilities of them, as it will definitely hamper the working environment and relationships.


“A good king knows when to save his strength and when to destroy his enemies –Cersei-Lannister

When Joffrey complains that he doesn’t want to marry Sansa or be kind to her (because, you know, kindness isn’t his thing), Cerseis motherly advice to her baby boy is this golden nugget. When pulled out of context, it almost doesn’t sound so diabolical and crazy. The same formula fits into a corporate organization as well, as the employees that are working are the biggest strength, and if he knows the difference between the one, he will be undeniably figuring out the best squad of employees for making his business flourish.

Olenna Tyrell

Are You A Sheep No! You are a Dragon. Be a Dragon – Olenna Tyrell

This works excellently in the corporate world scenario where, instead of focusing on the other things, one should focus on his capabilities and skills and should work upon them so as to make oneself more enriched and more empowered. The organization that believes and trusts the originality of its employees never fails, and if it motivates them, it can add up to their success levels remarkably.


“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”  Ramsay Bolton

So, for every IT industry in the tech world, the path of success is obviously not simple, there are several betrayals that the organization can face, whether it may be from the clients or competitors or some employee, but what that stand aloud and really matters in the ends is your success that is attained. Well, in case if you’re the deliveries ended up normally, then certainly the work done is has not been notified. And if you are somehow overestimated by your achievements, and if you think that ending a task will be as simple as it looks, then there might be chances that things will not end in the way you imagined and yes, you have to ready for the hard work at all times, with no pause.


Technical Writer

Mike Brin is a tech-savvy writer and a passionate advocate for the transformative power of technology. With a background in Information Technology and a love for all things digital, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to his tech blog.

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