The iPhone 8 is expected to be Apple’s biggest update to the device ever

Slated for launch this year, the new phone covers it all with an OLED display that covers the entire front. So making that happen actually, Apple is removing the iconic home button/Touch ID sensor. Well, let’s explore what will replace it. Nobody besides the folks at Apple really knows, but this new and gorgeous new iPhone charts the incredible features and opportunities. So, in the absence of a home button on the iPhone screen, a function area or a touch bar will be allotted with some space at the bottom of your iPhone 8

Like the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, the “function area” would depict different buttons for the apps that opens up on the iPhone screen. For instance, it could show a virtual home button whenever the phone’s locked, accept/decline buttons for the phone app, playback controls for music/video apps, and more.


Hence, with this inbuilt concept, menu bars that normally takes up an area above the home button will instead use now full screen for executing the functions. On the other hand, Photo editing features like the crop/rotation tool could benefit from it, too. Contrary to a recent report, we aren’t expecting Apple to announce the iPhone 8 at next month’s WWDC.


iPhone 8

Aside from the new display, it’s also been narrated that the phone will come with a dual-camera system on the back, but it’ll be vertically aligned instead of horizontally like on the iPhone 7 Plus. One obvious reason for this alignment modification to make the device highly compatible with AR/VR Headset. So, charge your iPhone with a wireless charging mechanism and get a new submersible world that this beautifully designed product caters. In order to encompass the above feature Apple is switching from aluminum to a glass back and stainless steel frame so as to ensure its maximum efficiency. iPhone 8 is with a doubt an innovative gesture for tech-savvy users. Just steam your choices, and go ahead with its stereo speakers and a waterproof headphone jack Well, if you are a go-getter, needs something new and embellished, want to experience the next level of the world and obviously if you are a music lover so this device truly stands with you. So, get reserved with its unfolding and unparalleled experience that it truly delivers.


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