How to Develop a Telemedicine app on the concept of Doctor on Demand?

A bond between a patient and a doctor is growing day by day with the help of telemedicine apps like Doctor on Demand Apps. Popularity of this app is growing leaps and bounds as this app is benefitting all the parties involved be it patients, doctors, clinics or organizations. There is huge potential in applications like these and they can provide a major boost to this industry. It is significant that you can rely on data transferred when we talk about telemedicine applications. The thought behind telemedicine app development is that a patient can easily connect with a supplier over a video call instead of visiting the consultant in person and share the issues they face.

Although the techies are putting in efforts in bringing on the table innovative solutions to get that going flawlessly and backing the whole experience from advancements in the field of medical science through treatment is less so. Patients put to use various tools and devices along with several working frames and numerous in rustic territories actually need admittance to rapid web or versatile organizations. When talking about safety concerns, it’s harder than it sounds to simplify a safe video talk entrance that is simple for both patient and supplier to get to and simply works without fail. The baffling truth is that innovatively immaculate video calling isn’t yet generally accessible, and some applications actually battle with the nuts and bolts.


Telehealth app development Singapore experts ought to set up to conquer these specialized difficulties alongside more extensive philosophical ones, similar to how to compensate for what’s absent external the actual test room. Regardless of whether you’re an item director at a current telehealth organization or an autonomous application engineer, working with a venture or a startup financial plan, the telemedicine item guide contemplations beneath will be basic to staffing, architecting, creating, testing, and dispatching your telemedicine application item.

Of course, not every health-related issue can be solved by a visual doctor but most of the common day health related problems can be easily consulted by a doctor online.

A Quick Look at the Numbers

When talking about numbers experts at our telemedicine website development company share here some interesting stats that can help you understand how the medical sphere has decided to walk with technology advancement and bring on the surface something interesting.

  • Virtual health visits implemented with veterans led to 25% fewer days spent in inpatient care and 19% fewer hospital admissions
  • As a result of Coronavirus, up to $250 billion of US healthcare spend could come from virtual medicine


Another important point to consider in case of telemedicine app development solutions is the security and safety of the data that is stored and transferred.

Security and Compliance Requirements

The U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 regulate security provisions and data privacy for electronic protected health information (ePHI). If we talk about this in simpler words, this is an act that is enforced so that data that is relevant to respective patients’ can be stored, shared, and accessed safely and securely by limited parties.

HIPAA has established itself as the most popular compliance standard and has set strong security zones for telemedicine app developers who need to abide by them. Along with this, the compliance framework is designed to regulate other industries and help in careful assessment of the details.


Some other relevant standards to stick to are: SOC 2, ISO 27001, and GDPR.

The data shared and discussed with other members is always encrypted and is transferred maintaining high security. True end to end encryption for single messages is never a good idea. Along with safety, management levels too need to be taken care of. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Multi-Factor Authentication, Password Rotation, etc. are some common practices to follow.

Why Choose Telemedicine App?

When it comes to talking about these mobile applications it becomes quite significant for the telemedicine website development company to comprehend the purpose and the role of the application. Our mobile app experts share here a few advantages of such applications that they consider when designing your application.


Here are some of the advantages of these telemedicine apps:

1. Easy Accessibility

If are having a minor discomfort in your body which can be related to any kind of issue such as ear infection, UTI, viral fever, bladder infection than in a routine way of visiting a doctor you will have to devote a lot of your time by waiting in a long queue for getting a prescription. But with the help of telehealth software you can yourself checked within a matter of minutes and that too within the comfort environment of your home.

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2. Quick Results

You can connect with a live doctor within minutes. You don’t have to wait or reschedule in any way. Getting a treat straight away can prove crucial in some cases.  Telemedicine application development team works well on the features that makes it easier for you to find the right consultant and connect with them as and when required.

3. Easily Portable and Contain Medical Records

You carry your smartphone everywhere and this telehealth software moves with you. Along with it keeps record of all your medical history so that you can recover it whenever you need to show it to a doctor or any family member.

4. Window of Treating more Patients and Increase the Overall Revenue

If you look through the lens of a doctor, telemedicine website development services allow you to see a lot of patients in their visiting hours because of the reduced administrative work. If a doctor is seeing a lot more patients then it will boost its revenue and also reduce the stress levels.

5. Flexibility for Doctors

Not only patients but doctors too reap the benefits of telehealth software. They can schedule their check-up hours according to them and check the patients from wherever they want to. This relieves them of the stress they experience in their traditional medicine world.

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When you are struggling with how to develop telemedicine platform there are a few features that you would have to consider. Our experts study your competition well and make sure that the loopholes in their products are covered in yours for better user engagement and higher profits.

Exemplary Features Your Telemedicine Mobile App Developer Adds to Your Solutions

The popularity of your product depends on the ease of usage and how well can the users take its benefits. The telemedicine mobile app developers have one of the best feature-list that makes it easier for them to come up with solutions that are interesting, engaging and innovative.

Features that needs to be there in your app at all costs

Creation and Maintenance of Profile

Creating and maintaining a user profile on the platform is compulsory for both patients and doctors. Basic information such as address, name, availability, education, experience, medical history needs to be uploaded in your profile. With a detailed profile it would become easier for the telemedicine practitioner to help you in your serious moments.


Easily Accessible Dashboards

Dashboard is that part of an app where the users log in. As far as telemedicine app development solution is concerned this area needs to be easily accessible for both the patients and doctors. Doctors need to see their appointments and then decide their schedule accordingly. While on the other hand, patients also need to see confirmed appointments, details about their medication and details about their upcoming appointments.

Easily Accessible Information

The medical software needs to provide quick and easily accessible information to all the users. This information can be anything taking from patient’s medical history, contact information, treatment notes to history of appointments. Still not sure of how to develop a telemedicine app? Reach to the experts here.

Appointment Schedules

Booking an appointment with the doctor should be effortless for the patients. Patients should be able to go through their profiles and check their availability and should also be able to select a mode of contact whether via phone or chat.



Effortless Payment Modes

Telemedicine software should be flexible in its ways of accepting the payment. It should be linked with all the available methods such as credit or debit card, UPI, Paypal, Stripe.


Increased Doctor’s Workflow

If you include features that will allow doctors to access the Pharmacy database from within the app and makes them access medicine data than it will make the overall functionality of the app very smooth and efficient. A CMS for healthcare articles will do your venture no harm.

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Reviews and Ratings

Patients should have the luxury of rating a particular doctor that they consulted for treatment or any sort of recovery. This in turn will help the new patients as they can choose the doctor on the basis of star or scaled ratings given to the doctor by earlier visited patients.

These are a few features that any telemedicine app development service provider would include in your mobile application of the same cost. It is important that you get the most out of your investment with an interesting business plan that would help you grow.

Challenges associated with Telehealth Solution Development:

Security of records:

Patients always have to be sure about the fact that their health data is in safe hands and they should have the privilege of knowing who is trying to access it. Security concerns among the users are justified and it should be taken more seriously in medical industry. Data encryption and multiple-factor-authentication are some of the ways that will ensure high level of security.

Building trust:

Building up trust with your visitors will become a lot easier for your app if you allow the patients to gather information about the medical provider such as their qualification and their total experience in this field. Gathering testimonials and an efficient rating system will help you in your cause.

Choosing a great Telehealth Software Development Company and determining overall costs

Several factors are involved in determining the overall costs of an app but the vital factors are mentioned below:

  • Database and APIs are the third party requirements that are must in the creation of an app
  • Core and other additional features that will set the platform
  • Frontend and backend development is another one on the bucket list
  • Hitting a chord with a particular country’s regulations and certifications is a must.
  • Last but not the least, UX and UI design and quality assurance will also be beneficial

The cost of developing telemedicine app development solutions is not very much. It majorly depends on your location, service providers, features, etc.  The final investment would be from $20,000 to $100,000 that is largely influenced by what you want and how your dedicated developer can work on it.


Creating a telehealth app especially in these conditions where people are stuck at home will do wonders to your vision. All the necessary ingredients to create an attractive telehealth app has been discussed, now all you have to do is follow the guidelines and get the party started.


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