Long back, you must remember playing a number of social card games like Rummy, Poker and Teen Patti, and much more. These were the games played whenever people sat together and used to be people’s favourite pass time. However, in the past few years, a lot has changed and these card games have today ventured into the digital space, successfully attracting the attention of millions of card game-lovers.

teen patti game

Thus, today is a completely changed scenario where we see plethora of card game apps available in app market, making evident the prominent of digital online games.

Among the number of card games out there, Teen Patti has been specifically loved by the audience and enjoys huge number of followers. So, in case you are keen on making some revenue by creating your own card game app, then this article we guide to in detail. Now to begin with, let’s first have an understanding of what Teen Patti is, and what makes it so popular among the people.

What is Teen Patti Game and How it is played?

To keep it simple, Teen Patti is a poker game. Same as Poker is played aboard, Teen Patti is a game originated in India and it can even be referred as a simplified version of Poker and is prominent throughout South Asian countries.

Basically, Teen Patti is gambling of cards usually played in casinos and bars. It is generally plated by three to six people with uses of 52 cards, and the ‘joker’ cards are not considered here. Here, each of the players is dealt three cards (face down). Prior to the cards are dealt, boot amount needs to be decided and collected from each of the player. Now, the boot amount is minimum stake amount that is put in the pot and this is the money kept in centre of the table. With game progressing, as obvious, pot money will grow and it is then won by winner of that hand. Now, the winner will be the player who stays in game till conclusion of hand and has best hand or highest hand on the basic on cards ranking, presented below.

Now the question is, how the best card on your hands are decided? Well, it mainly depends on card rankings – it is vital that you know the card rankings to play the game – so, here we present the card rankings from low to high:

  • Trail or Set (three of same rank)
  • Pure Sequence
  • Sequence (or run)
  • Color
  • Pair (two cards of same ranking)
  • High Card

By now, you must have had much understanding of the Teen Patti game, you can explore more by installing this Indian Poker Game at iTunes, or Google Play. Now, next we will explore about the growing trend of online card games.

Growing Teen Patti game app Market across the world

The online game market in India is progressing continuously and this is the reason that growing number of investors is showing keen interest in the Indian game industry, like enterprises and individuals. They are readily funding Indian online game development talents, thus brightening the country’s future in online gaming. What’s further interesting is the fact that even foreign investors are showing immense interest in Indian Online Poker game industry. What attracts foreign investors towards Indian market is its potentiality, ripe for games monetization and ability to earn great profits.

Another reason could be the comparative freshness of the Indian game development market – yet free from high expectations and competition – this encouraging the investors more about their possibilities to make a mark in Indian gaming industry.

An increased number of worldwide funding organizations are showing interest towards investing in Indian gaming industry also owing to consumer behaviour in the nation. Well, the consumers in India are ascertained to be less finicky regarding Graphic User Interface (GUI) quality across the interactive apps. They can compromise on the visual quality till the time they are enjoying. It is much evident from the fact that even though many entertainment mobile apps developed locally were found prone to frequently crash, yet an average Indian consumer still keeps on playing these games in order to engage themselves and are said to be quite an avid follower of these games.

Now, on the part of global investors, they understand it well that if they succeed in providing these online games with fun titles and with better GUI, along with needed robustness, they would certainly succeed in exploiting the industry way better in coming times.

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How Online Teen Patti Game has succeeded to attract major number of audience?

As mobile phones are becoming the order of the day, Online Poker Games are becoming synonymous with the entertainment. In the future we expect to see massive increase in these mobile apps. So, why not understand the hype behind this Online 3patti game? Here have a look:

  • Download for Free: Now most makers of these online teen patti games have made the mobile app available to them for free download. People can easily download the apps on their phones, get registered and start playing. So this is what it needs. The games like Teen Patti made it so much easier for people to play online card games, like users can either download desktop version of game or mobile app, for free.
  • Make payment to enjoy extra features: Here too the publishers allow the users to make in-app purchases or avail premium features by making some extra payments. Features like buying additional chips, exclusive privileges, can be availed through this. These features are loved by the players who like enjoy the game but at a nominal cost.
  • Easy transactions: Multiple and easy payments methods, such as Debit Card/Credit Card, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, etc. allow people to make payment easily to avail the extra features. Payments can be made by the players for online transactions via the apps as well.
  • Transition easily from free-to-cash game:Most of the online card games allow the players to graduate easily from free to cash games. Once the needed deposits are made by the players, they are good to go. In certain cases, they may require downloading cash games before playing. Though, what led to the major growth of such apps, is the ease at which players can switch from free to cash games.
  • Win reward points: Once the game is downloaded, the players can expect a galore of rewards. There can be appealing reward point for player. As the players play free-roll tournaments, then the reward points get added to their account which can be used by the players to play cash games or other tournaments. This allows the players to continue playing and redeeming the reward points.

Next, comes the business model.

How to set up Business Model like Teen Patti?

Presently, there are a number of app development firms specializing in the designing and development of sophisticated and secure Online Teen Patti games, in which players can participate from anywhere of world, by simply using PC or Mobile.

Also, with Teen Patti considered to be among the most-liked game played within Indian community, it certainly renders several business opportunities within the nation. To get such an online card game app development for your business, you would need a team withholding expertise to mould this ancient card game into the modern iOS, Android or gaming software. There are a number of top Teen Patti card game app developers who are well-known with the requirements of gamblers of country and they tend to execute thorough research, learn about your requirements, and how to make the game more interesting for you and yield more trade revenues, and much more. Most of these developers have successfully evaded the limit of table, capably establish sequential events like tournaments, responsive events as Game Chat and supportive events like Customer Support.

Find a development team that has the proficient to blend social circle with Teen Patti Game App Development, thus encouraging proper multi-user entertainment and allowing users to compete online with family & friends, and share their scores. The firm must offer customer support post app submission as well. Ultimately, the firm should make their best efforts to develop and easy maintainable and bug-free app. And in case, the need arises, the developers should be keen to be of your help.

mobile app for teen patti game

Essential Features and Functionalities of Teen Patti Mobile App

  • Timely Update: The app gets updated automatically (with internet connectivity) to offer new and exciting features to the app users and players, making it a lot more interesting for them.
  • User-friendly & Appealing User-Interface: It is vital that the Teen Patti app has attractive user-interface, which should also be user-friendly, so the players can easily play the game without any hurdles with the user interface.
  • Multiplayer Game: The game is designed in a manner that multiple players can participate in the game.
  • Latest Technology: By integrating latest technology, the app publishers can ensure that the game is loved by the audience and works smoothly.
  • Users can play with Computer Bot: This feature allow the users to play with computer bots, for time when real-players are not available.
  • Cloud Game Server: The cloud technology allows the publishers to upgrade of downgrade the game in the real-time.
  • Multiple Variations: With the availability of multiple variations, users can pick the game variation of their choice and as per their strength and moods.

multiple variations

Types & Category of Card Game (Customized)

  • Play Now: Here, only limited number of people can play and the chaals again are limited. Thus, it is Limited People, Limited Chaal game.
  • Open Table: Here, there is no set limit on the number of people or chaal.
  • Private Table: Here, the card game is played with selected people/friends who can participate in the game by using a code.
  • Challenges/ Tournaments:Here, the people who participate in the game can win by using extra chips or chances. For the same, they need to make in-app purchases.


Muflis:This is same as normal game, with only difference being that here a person who has lowest rank cards is declared winner. Like, if you’ve K-2-3, whereas the other person is having K-K-9, then you’ll be the winner.

AK47: In this variation of the game, you can treat all King, Ace, 4 & 7 as jokers. These cards can be used as replacements for any of the card. Then the player having highest rank cards wins.


  • Joker: This card is shown on table. All cards of rank of Joker despite of the suit can be used as a substitute to any other card. This way, a player who has the highest rank cards will be the winner. Like,4 is a joker. Then 4 , 4 , 4 and 4 are Jokers. This way, your cards are Ace-3-4. This way, you will treat 4 as 2 and your cards will become A-2-3.

highest card joker

  • Highest Card Joker: Here, the highest value card can be considered as a Joker. Like, if you are having 6-9-K, then you can consider K as Joker, and the cards then become 6-9-9. This way, you’ve a pair of 9.

lowest card joker teen patti

  • Lowest Card Joker: There, the lowest value card can be treated as Joker. Like, if you’ve 6-9-K, then 6 can be treated as Joker & your card then become K-9-K. Then, you’ve a pair of K.


  • 999: Here, the cards that are closest to 999 tend to win. So, the J, Q, K, & 10 card will be treated as 0. Ace will be 1. Then, if you’ve 4, 9, & Ace, then your cards will be 941. Now, if you’ve 10, 9, & K, then your cards will be 900.

teen patti game

  • Faceoff: Here, the cards that are 10, J, Q, K, & A will be faceoff cards. Each player of table gets at least one faceoff card. Then the player who have highest rank card will be winner.

teen patti game reward

  • King Little: In this variation, for each of the player, the small card is Joker, and also all the Kings are Jokers. Thus, the player with highest rank card will be winner.

Limited Stakes & Unlimited Stake Tables

People who are playing Teen Patti for first time, plays on limited stake table. If you play first time, then on first limited stake table that you play, boot amount will be 2, you could play maximum of 4 blinds, maximum Chaal to be played is 256 with Pot limit being 2048. As Pot limit is reached, all the players who are still in game will be forced to reveal their card, & the one who wins will get the Pot.

Now, in next level limited table, boot amount is 4, and here you can play the maximum of 4 blinds, the maximum chaal you can play is 512, with Pot limit being 4096. Players who played many hands & have many chips play on the higher level tables.

How Teen Patti Games Can Increase Your Profit / Enhance your app Business?

Teen patti rewards

To understand this aspect, here we will learn about the monetization model of Teen Patti Card Game. Basically, there are three ways through which the app can earn money, like:

Bonus Chips after 3 hours: Here, the player requires to buy bonus chips after playing the game for three hours and to continue playing. The transaction to earn bonus chips can be made easily by the player, either by using his/her Debit/Credit Card, Braintree, Stripe, or PayPal accounts.

Buy Chips from Store: In order to give tough competition to the fellow player or players, the player can buy chips from the e-store, which will be in-app purchase that s/he would need to make. Again, the payment can be made easily by the player,either by using his/her Debit/Credit Card, Braintree, Stripe, or PayPal accounts.

Play using Real Money: Well, this monetization model is actually banned in India, however, in foreign countries, like USA, people can play using real money and convert the winning amount in real money. This way, the app will get a set share of the winning amount and thus will make money this way.

Little knowledge regarding Legal Aspects

Same as Gambling is illegal in India, playing Teen Patti with real and not virtual money is illegal in the country. Even though the Law Commission has issued a public notice inviting the suggestion to legalise betting, but till then, Under The Public Gambling Act, 1867, any sort of betting/wagering in a closed enclosure, using instruments of gaming with a view to profit off any person who owns such enclosure is considered illegal in India. Due to this very reason, none of the foreign card game apps accept payments from the Credit/Debit Cards in India, owing to the reason that it is illegal here, and making such transactions is a crime of money laundering.

This is the reason in countries like India, it is illegal to play Teen Patti with real money at stake, and most of such apps allow playing only with virtual money.

mobile app development team for card game

What are the things to be taken care of while developing app like Teen Patti?

Here, we have mentioned a few crucial aspects that need to be taken care of to create an app like Teen Patti:

  • Timely Updates: It is vital that the app publishers offer timely updates, like add emojis, tournaments, etc., to make the app all the more exciting for the players and encourage them to play more often.
  • Cloud Environment Hosting: This ensures the security of the app data and user data as all the information and data is safety stored on the cloud servers.
  • Rules & Regulations: Certainly, there are a certain rules and regulations that need to be defined for the players and the app publishers should ensure that they are abided by.

Technology Stack

  • App Platforms – Android, iOS, Web Application
  • 3rd Party Application
  • Nginx for HTTP and proxy server as it is an easy and open source.
  • Push Notifications –Twilio, Push.io
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification –Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, E-Wallets
  • Mandrill – for everything related to emails
  • Database –MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS
  • Real-time Analytics –Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

hire mobile app development team

Required Team Structure

Once you have taken care of all the above aspects, next comes to finding the right app development firm, who offer brilliant services at nominal cost. Firstly, as you start your search for the right firm, ensure to pick one that offers a proficient team of developers and testers. The app development must consist of the following personnel and they must be adept at their work:

  • Project Manager
  • UX UI Designer
  • IOS/Android Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Database Experts
  • QA Experts
  • App Delivery Manager

Once you are satisfied with the team, then you can go ahead with the firm and decide about the development cost.

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Cost to develop a Teen Patti card game Mobile App

The development cost of an app like Teen Patti depends on varying factors, such as app complexity, app size, and number of app development platform you want the app to run on and the country of the development centre. After all, different countries have different hourly rates, like:

  • S. Based developers charge $50-$250 per hour
  • Eastern-Europe Based developers charge $30-$150 per hour
  • India Based developers charge $10-$80 per hour

Below, we have mentioned the basic procedures that an app like Teen Patti with average features for a single platform in Indian development centre will go through.

  • Design (50-80 hours)
  • The user panel development (350-400 hours for each platform)
  • API development (90-120 hours)
  • Admin Panel (130-190 hours)

This way, the app will cost somewhere near $15000-$20000 with above-mentioned features. However, in case you are keen to integrate advanced features and get the app development for several platforms, then accordingly the app cost will increase. Though, if you choose to send $50000 on the app development process, then you are certainly get a brilliant and feature-rich Teen Patti mobile app developed for your business.

Teen Patti mobile app development consulatation