In an organization, few motivational words of deep researchers and skilled professionals play a quite important role in uplifting the working spirit throughout. But when it comes from the mouth of the person-who-matter-the-most, the words represent the organization itself.

Here, we have accumulated some of the great thoughts of Mr. Arun Goyal, the Managing Director of Octal IT Solution. Here are the words from the man himself, few words that throw some light on the company work culture, future plans and insights and the other challenges that exist in the tech world.

What impact Mobile Apps are having on the current era of industrialization?

In the era of evolving industrialization, mobile apps are undeniably playing a crucial role in executing almost each and every activity of today’s modern generation. The adoption rate of the mobile app is exponentially hiking at an impressive rate and had elevated the statistics of the ROI and revenues across all the business-houses. The doors opened up by the mobile apps for establishing communication, eCommerce, entertainment, automation, traveling, health and beyond are significantly remarkable as they save time, storage and are amazingly functional and sound on the grounds of quality. It also provides insights right from now that how the mobile apps changed the market, world and almost everything that is prevailing today.

Tell us something about outsourcing challenges and your backup plans for addressing the same.

This is a great question for every IT company that exists, and according to me, the challenges can be easily overcome if you remain specific about your needs and let your outsourcing partner about those. Mutual understanding is way more important than any document. You have that between the two and you conquer all challenges.

What are your future goals with the IoT, AR/VR, and other evolving technologies?

While dealing in the mobile app world, it becomes quite important and at the same time adroit to maintain a pace between the growing consumer demands and the evolving technologies. With our profound experience and expertise, we aim to deliver the IoT apps that exactly match up with the concept of automation. While being on the continuous research, we are on the verge of making the IoT apps much smarter with the highly functional capabilities for your business requirements, traveling needs, smart homes, smart retail, and manufacturing and beyond in order to make your executing standards much more upgraded.

Talking about AR/VR, the possibilities are quite endless and the developments are unstoppable. These two amazing technologies deliver power to humans to imagine the things that exist in the real world into an imaginary world the basic concept of AR while VR takes you to the level of the imagination that existed virtually. While ample amicable tools implementing VR and AR such as Microsoft Hololens, Google lens has been introduced, we are quite ready to come up with some of the noteworthy developments in this very field.

We are working to take the technology to the next level with our AR/ VR mobile apps that will be delivering the exact solution that you looking into an app.

What are the key factors that you consider in choosing a particular mobile platform?

Mobile App Development is without a doubt a brainstorming activity that involves varied processes and phases. With our extensive research, certain captivating features form a major part of sophisticated app development. Minimized installation time, an optimized memory and a universal platform development are some of the critical parameters that form an amicable part of application development. We cater to deliver user-friendly, simplified mobile applications that can be easily upgraded when required as per the market scenarios. An app inclusive of all features is a clear winner from all perspectives.

Where do you see the industry heading in the next 5 years?

With so many revolutions and innovations heading the marketplace, the time is not far away, when we will witness the mobile apps ruling the virtues of the marketplace. In the coming days without a doubt, IoT, AR/VR, Beacon, Cloud, Big data and the other will be dominating all the business houses. Right from switching on the television sets till executing all the health-related activities, traffic monitoring, shopping, activities, near field communication, product and element analysis, learning and everything will be greatly enhanced.

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What is the reason behind your company maintaining such great quality?

My family, my people, we deliver simplicity for youre all the business requirements We are an office with that is owned by its employees at 11 PM or at 3 AM, with the eyes filled with lights, with the motivation buried into the hearts and with the speed ruling the hands and intelligence running in mind.

This is a competitive marketplace. How do you differentiate yourself from other companies out there?

We differ from the other competitors that exist around on the grounds of quality, commitments, and strategies. Out there are several of the apps that are executing the same tasks, but not all of them are being embraced by the users. Hence, while making it UI/UX quite sound and at the same time simple, we create products that the users want plus meet their budget requirements as well.

What’s your plan for the next 1 year or so, for the company as well as yourself?

For serving our clients in a much better way we are continuously increasing our workforce and soon will be extending the peripherals across countries like Dubai, Italy, and others. We are on the way to develop a remarkable employee strength as with them, we are and will be ruling all the market standards with our mobile apps, web solutions that is self aloud and distinctive.

Your team members would be reading this interview. Any message for them?

It’s quite important to be to stay motivated, empowered while you are the journey of accomplishing your goals. Being in love with the work and making no compromise with your dreams can make your travel the success ladder at a much faster rate. Just follow the one rule Believe in yourself and take no shortcuts on the path of success.

If I ask you to describe your company in one sentence, what that would be?

Making outsourcing simple and successful.

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