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Well, millennials we refer to are the generation born between the early 1980s and the 2000s and include 80 million of the world’s population that’s higher than any generation. These are new leaders in technology as well as other industries and it’s contemplated that they are going to be about 75 percent of the worldwide workforce in the next 10 years.

The report states that millennials are bitten by the technology bug and it is evident from the fact that they are too attached to their mobile devices and are 15 times more likely to give up coffee and 7 times more likely to give up television than their smartphones. Almost 55% of millennials aver that a poor mobile experience is going to make them less likely to use a company’s products and/or services.

Millennials well understand that global communication barriers are lessening and there is the traditional 9-to-5 work confinement. Thus the expectations from the workplace are the difference as compared to the generations before them. The flexibility is desired to work without being restricted to cubicles and to attain a higher level of independence to work more productively. Now the flexibility is assured by mobile devices and enterprise apps as they help the companies know all about the potentials of millennials and attain increased growth in their business.

How Enterprise Apps prove to be helpful?

Nowadays more and more enterprises offer enterprise apps and there are also innovations in the arena of information and technology. The several advantages from enterprise apps consist of improvement in productivity, customer satisfaction, easier partner management and tracking of business performance. Enterprise apps are highly responsive and they allow organizations to deliver solutions seamlessly from a single interface.

Nearly 60% of employees use mobile apps for work-related activities and these help companies gain approximately 240 hours of work per year from employees. Then again 77% of employees use their own phones while 62% depend on personal tablets for work and 25% of enterprises will have their own app store by 2017 as per CMS Wire. This way it is clear that an enterprise app can offer millennials as well as other employees many varieties of apps that boost productivity and strengthen performance.

However, the only drawback lies in the fact that though good enterprise apps are available, most of them do not live up to the expectations of this tech-savvy generation of employees, while one-third of them avoid using certain apps as they don’t function well across multiple devices.

Cross-platform tools for app development

As per a research, there are 83% of developers that use third-party tools for app development while the percentage of developers using cross-platform tools have grown from 23% to 36% in a six months timeframe. These developers use tools to deliver a consistent user experience across all platforms, regardless of device fragmentation. This way your enterprise gets what it desires.

Security will take precedence

Well, more than 75% of mobile apps fail to meet basic security tests so that is quite threatening. This means that security is something that the developers need to focus on before anything else and this is clear from the latest operating system versions from Apple and Google, having better security protocols than before.

Challenges faced during Enterprise App Development

Well, you need to ensure that enterprise applications are flexible and adaptable as this way they meet the needs of a dynamic business environment. However, the only challenge that comes across is security. Even though developers today are well-equipped to combat security breaches, still the same technologies give rise to more complex security threats. You can build security-aware software with controls at every level that can very well handle security glitches.


As we conclude, it is the right thing to say that despite the extra requirements and steps needed, enterprise app development is a profitable area that’s often overlooked by app developers.


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