WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools with over 17% of top 1 million websites developed on it. The leading open source blogging tool

and content management system is popular among developers and users all over the world because of the wide ranging functional possibilities provided by it.

WordPress designing provides you with user-friendly system of switching between themes. This mean you get your WordPress blog developed in a particular theme and the WordPress would allow you to change it often just by yourself and decide the way it looks applying different available themes to it.

The rich Plug-in architecture would let the developers extend its base functionality enormously. With it you can get your very basic blog environment embellished and enhanced with your ever-arising needs by simply adding the needed plug-in from so many available in the library.

You may like to have various useful functionalities in your Blog that just fit in your range of needs. Your WordPress Developer can get it done by using the WordPress widgets to match with your exact preference. You can get small modules like Facebook like box, small sliders, and slideshow frame to be added in your interactive landscape through the number of widgets available with WordPress.

With the introduction of 3.0 version WordPress allows multi-user and multi-blogging feature. This means different blogs to exist within a common installation and administered centrally by a common admin. This allows you to moderate and manage the whole system through a common dashboard making it extensively easy and comprehensive to operate.

Also the Search engine friendly WordPress allows users to enter tags and keywords to assign significant and relevant search value to the content. It also supports URL structuring in a way that stands authentic to the search engine policies.

The amazing Open Source tool also allows interactive track-back and ping-back standards making the blogs appear on different sites and have themselves integrated with different posts.

All these astounding qualities in WordPress let you enjoy great services from the best of the developers available all over the globe. The popularity of WordPress is growing incessantly with the service support users get from these developers who are all in praise for the fascinating tool.