Roommate Finder App Development – Cost and Key Features

Wenda alone in her apartment faces a lack of interest and difficulty in living. For her nature, she tends to depend more on someone who helps her in making personal decisions and too on a societal level. 

Similar conditions you could face when you have no choice but to live alone in a city. A student who left their homes and shift to a big and unknown city to achieve their aim, see depression and herculean of living away and alone. They just keep living with a question – how to find a roommate in a new city?

However, living with someone is not as easy as it seems to be. Two people who are living together may have different likings, a misbalance of income, dissimilar backgrounds, and many more things. Especially money played an important cause behind the disinterest of the people likely to be lived together. The Apartment Guide shared a survey, that more than one out of five, faces a horrible situation in sharing their spaces with someone without having a prior awareness of their financial conditions. 

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It is better to have discussions or a clear way to keep things sorted before signing the rental agreement to prevent any misunderstanding later. 

In context to the above, having the best roommate finder app is important when looking to find someone for living with. Yes, there are pros to living with someone vulnerable but sharing comfort talks with your roommate and costs help in growing the relationship and fixing the issue who could not afford the expensive living. 

One positive study reveals that sharing your space and thoughts is a key to your mood and health. People who have no families with them in a strange city, prefer to stay at their offices and take on some extra projects just to avoid home memories. 

On the desk today, we have with us one of the most demanding apps to find roommates. In the proceeding, we would learn to know how important it would be to have a roommate, and how the industry of roommate finding apps in the anonymous city. 

How do we define the Roommate Finder App? 

Finding a roommate could be daunting. Isn’t it? Gone is the time when people make use of or adjust with anyone at the time to share their rooms. But this could have some severe effects come to know. 

Today people share their private space only with someone who has mostly similar perspectives and desires. Technolgy also lame people for more need of an ideal roommate. This purpose is greatly solved by the Roommate finder app development. 

Having some great options on hand won’t dishearted singles who are new tenants or have had a bad experience in the past. 

A roommate finding app guides you in your journey of roommate finder and certainly makes your burden just half. One question here is crucial to look into, and that is the income of the partner. In the initial, it would raise some hesitation to ask someone for their income, but the apps for finding roommates make it super easy and relaxed. It gets all information inside, like the profile of the singles with their details, to sort everything and is convenient for both of the parties to decide whether they want to be roommates or not. 

Facts about the Rental Industry 

Gen-Z has steep expenditure on rental and their needs, overdue with the need of the “generation rent” market. About 68% of people are likely to prefer rented accommodations. 

As per a survey of tenant stay period retention in India, the co-living and sharing market is expected to grow double by 2024. 

This is a positive raise in the co-living spaces and it is expected to be more. While the spaces have significant growth in consumer outreach facilitated with the basic and advanced amenities like gym, lounge, pools, that give them comfort under the budget.

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However, 60% of the people shattered and opt to leave out the idea of co-living because of the unsupportive behavior of their roommates. Taking this fact into the advantage you can contribute with a realm roomie finder app development to throw a spark into the shared living market. Your generous app for finding roommates would help people to eliminate their roommate trauma. 

Apps like Roomie and Codee are platforms that connect people with the same preference and like minds. So now you can connect with the people who can walk and go well with you. 

Connecticut with the technologies these platforms are also backed with human sciences and layout purpose to live safely and build a meaningful and empathetic relationship that will remain for long last. 

Keeping connected with the fact, are you interested in self-made applications to contribute to people’s concerns? Not? No worries. Wait a minute. We love to insist on what pros and cons make your decision strong for choosing to build your app to find roommate. 

Advantages to living with someone and sharing your spaces

Sharing own spaces is not easy but in the strange outskirts finding a compatible roommate is convenient for people to connect and build a cordial relationship. 

Roommates could come as undefined. They are messy, nosy, peculiar, loud and whatnot? Perhaps, roommate experiences made us gasp, sign, or relive at the time we are in a burst. 

Living with someone is like sharing everything just a half and equal. That means there would be more savings. With someone with whom you could share all of your duties, stress, daily chores, rent, hustle, and much more. It’s like happiness comes in a pack!

It also reflects positively on your health in many ways. We are humans and we are social animals by nature. We require someone to talk to and listen to. 

Roommates are the ones who make us alive and afresh. They help us to solve any burn out personal. And most importantly they save our heavy pockets. 

So, here are some ways to make a fair arrangement in co-living. A roommate search app could give you great relief at this sight. 

  • When you are living with more than one roommate it breaks your heavy rental cost but parted your rent allowance with them would be an irksome task.  A cost-cutter with the square footage area allows a fair cost to everyone. 
  • A roommate agreement is a concise and reliable factor, that involves each person being responsible in financial installments from the beginning. The contract helps both parties tenant and owners to get benefit at the time of misunderstanding or breach of the agreement. 
  • You are living with someone who has a different background, and lifestyle. Especially their habits are different. Comfortable communication would be effective in the long run. 

Considering every detail, the advantage of developing the eye-catching and interactive interface should be rich in features to provide a seamless way of searching for roommates. 

How you can create an overwhelming platform for the Roommate Finder journey?

Let’s look inside the feature implementation in the best website for finding roommate that could be unmatched to the users in need of finding the right roommate or someone who has the worst experience in the past with their roommates. 

  • User signup and log in: This is the first page displayed on the screen once the user enters the find a roommate app. Users can get access to the profile using a valid email id and password or just by the use of social media. The login feature must have tight security to limit any hacker. 
  • Registration: User provides their entire detail like user id, password, contact details, gender, and age to get better specifications and results. 
  • Filters: Users can able to give their preferences inside the finding a roommate app, for budget, room sharing, type of home they are looking for, and the date they are ready to move in. they can search the room between the range of budget, number of roommates looking for, images of the apartment, and date of availability. 
  • View profile: At the time of everything mobile, sometimes we forget about the details we have added inside the roommate app. View profile helps for quick access to their profiles.
  • Home screen: It is one of the major screens to find a room mate. It combines all of the detailed information about the apartment; owner’s profiles; requirements’ location; and the amount of the apartment. 
  • Edit profile: By clicking on the edit profile option user can access their profile and modify it as per their recent needs. They can make the changes and save them. 
  • User options: Once the user is login inside the apps to find roomates, next he wants to search for the roommate or just the apartment. Users can apply the proper filter and get to view the nearby best roommate as per their interests or the apartment. Then he can easily shortlist it and mail it to that co-person. 
  • Search for roommate: The user has the facility to look for different roommates as part of their preferences. First click on the search menu, inside it there is a search page, choose the option from the list, to get the detailed information. Users can click on the add to shortlist option to shortlist the best matches, and later send them emails for further communication. 
  • Potential match for a roommate: This unique feature allows to display the percentage of the match based on the preferences and interests. On selecting any one of them, the user gets to display detailed information. 
  • Apartment details: this is the custom apartment screen that has all of the images of the available apartment for rent, different views, types, location, amount per month, its features, and preferred details. 
  • Google Map: By facilitating your users with google maps they can view and bookmark the ideal and like images without the use of the internet. Users can view the current location and discuss further details with the roommate finder app owner. 
  • Chatbot: Anything, when connected to the technology, reveals its importance and that’s how the use of chatbots impacts the user experience and time on the best roommate finder app. Chatbot helps the users who are in search of apartments but not able to conclude. 

Top-rated Apps to Find Roommates

Looking for an ideal roommate is an irony. Still, we want to hit the bell for the close to perfect and most likable person as our roommate. What if a platform not only fits all of your needs but also helps you to find the right place to live with him, i.e. means your apartment. Popular and worthy specs make the whole difference, it lands the right people to use your roommate finder app. The application should be a mix of interesting features that make the people explore and contain advanced filter and search options. 

Below is the list of a few topmost searched, downloaded, and the best roommate finder apps just for you.

  • RoomEasy

This is the best roommate app to match and connect with a person from anywhere across the world. Whether you want to find out the ideal roommate or rental house; this app allows you to create your profiles just for free.

The app understands your need with its intelligent AI-based technology. So to give you broad results very fast. It consists of features like matching your lifestyle with the to-be roommate and applying filters for more niches based on the accounts. Like if you’re a musician, and you have different tastes than the engineers or other professionals, the real and customized search filter saves your time and takes out the best roommate for you. 

It stays on the slogan; roommates are like tinder, you can like, match and chat. So, what more do you need from the best roommate finder app?

  • Roommate by Roomster

Here is another app that is known similar to its name; Roomster App. With more than One Million downloads on the Play Store, the app holds an affirmed place in the market. This platform allows you to post your room on rent to connect with the perfect partner for your land. It gives the start to end flawless user experience and certainly is the best way to find a roommate. To the realtors who are in urgent need of some accommodations without the entry of any middleman, Roomster App is the desired solution. Its engaging design and user-friendly navigation speak everything that makes an awesome experience. 

Users can locate the accommodation in search of a roommate, or want to communicate before the subsequent tenant or sublease their place, then Roomster is the best app for roommates. The Roommate search app development allows you to create your profile, and update your preferences. You can search for your ideal roommate based on your personal preference without any hustle from beginning to end. 

Its in-app messaging section gives easy and secure communication with potential flatmates. 

  • RoomMaters: compatible living for roommates

The app to find people, places, and apartments. The best app to find rooms for rent to live comfortably to connect and share. We are talking about the RoomMaters app. There are a lot of advantages to this roommate finder app. You can connect with someone and build your social relationships and who knows that would be your roommate or if not he would help you in finding your acquaintance. The app allows users to build positive relationships. Once you are comfortable with your buddy, you can sign the deal or contract without any awkwardness.

Now it would become easy to get the real authentication of the personality before making him your roommate. You can get assurance about the criminal record check or ID check for security. In case of any suspicious, you have the right to cross verify the person from the app assistance. The app would make sure that every entry on the platform is real and if in case of any disturbance you have the right to put him behind the bars or give penalties. 

There are many more existing roommate finding apps in the market but for giving you the crisp and concise information we have shorted it to the top three only. 

Using the applications a user can fully synchronize their accounts, and posts and contact the advertisers quickly. 

Despite the above, there are further hacks by social media platforms that too can help you to find a room mate for you. 

  • Facebook

If you are still bothering to find the application and if you are not a smartphone user, then social media can help you to fix your issue. 

Facebook is one such platform that can find your roommate effectively. For finding a roommate you can use the ways;

  1. Post the status in your profile or private or public groups. 
  2. Attend the local events
  3. Shortlist some apartments from the real estate listings nearby option

Facebook stalk your roommate and on matching you can reach them. For the realtor, you can place your needs on Facebook ads. 

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  • Instagram 

Instagram is everywhere. Using the hashtags, you can search for the possibility of the best roommate at a nearby or desired location. Today everybody is on Instagram, you can directly message the person that you are looking for space for rent and could he/she wants to share the same space with you. Mention the specific details and bang on you to get the result. It can be a perfect alternative for professional, office, or college roommate finder app.

You can post the status about the same or a story. Or you can explore and join the relevant Instagram groups, to stalk your preferrable roommate and look out before his activity whether he is a right to match for you or not. 

Make the most of the technologies and get access to a real companion at your rental home ASAP. 

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The real trait: cost to develop the Roommate Finder Application 

The market is already moving up and down and experienced business person already knows it well. The truth is really hard that staying on top is very amid in this race and competition. Owners have many bars and constraints faced to run and everything is functional. So roughly estimation of the roommate finding app is a nightmare. It depends on many factors including the design, technologies, features, mobile app development company, support, rate of the customized team, programmer, app launching, and many more. Still, we can’t in a shot calculate the intrinsic things which could cost your app-building high. 

In comparison and concussion, the final cost for the find a roommate app development would go to $35k-$45k. While may often increase on additional features. It would lie around $55k and above. 

Time for discussion! 

How easy about shooting for games and having a cookie together with someone in an unknown city. Having a stranger more like a friend is what all about the roommate is. We cant get the mother’s affection outside the home, cant manage the expenses, cant arrange even our books, wipe out a sheet or take care of our little pet; roommate is the real partner and a savior in all of our things; and gist like a family. 

In this blog, we have come to know how important a part roommate plays for us at the time we need someone the most. The whole concept to build an app like Roomi, Roommsters, or others is the same. And which is a good start. 

Foreseeing your entry into the industry runs on emotions, financial control, and balance in our life could interrogate the real charm and happiness. What do you think? A sophisticated app journey not only increases your brand value but also plays a vital part in our lives. 

Time to have a roommate finder app for your business.


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