It's just the time that you get your content mobile however as you proceed to do that consider an Android app market that can not only provide you with the app making tools needed for app creation but also offer wide-ranging features necessary to make your Android app a big success.

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These are the things you need to take care of as it comes to choose an Android app maker.

Time: Ensure that the time needed to create an app is kept minimal as you must spend your time on your business and marketing instead of the app creation process.

Technical expertise: Most of the people that intend to turn their content mobile are really not technical people. This way an active Android app maker program doesn't require the app maker to have great technical expertise.

Real-time results: Find out whether your app is active as it is created and is not sent for a 4-6 week review process. You must be able to download your app onto your own mobile device as then you can play around and make certain the app is functioning just the way you desire.

App store diversity: Don't be limited to a specific Android app store as you must ensure the Android app maker lets you upload your app to any Android app store.

Editing: With Android app maker you must be able to edit your app with ease. For this make certain that you go for an app maker that has an inbuilt dashboard allowing you to log in and edit as and when the necessity arises.

In-built push-notifications: App makers must send push-notifications so as to contact app users. This way you can ensure that your app maker program can offer you a number of free monthly push-notifications.

Monetization: Apps must be monetized with ads as that will enable app makers to create a passive income from their apps.

Multiple distribution methods: You need to find out whether your Android app maker has various app distribution methods consisting of QR codes, APKs, and app download links. No one desires to limit the audience options just by having the ability to download your app from an Android store. You can easily download from a newsletter, a marketing leaflet or even your website.

Support: It's necessary to have online support from your Android app maker to make your app a success. Simply contact the app making service as that would be useful in solving your app making issues. You can ask questions to make your app better and so that it's a part of an app making the community.

Templates: Even when you possess the perfect content for your app, there is a possibility that you have no clue regarding how to structure the content in an Android app. Just find an Android app maker program that has varying templates that are going to be useful in creating a perfect app. At the same time, it will offer you the ability to create various apps of different styles with your existing content.

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