Virtual Visits: How to enable Remote Doctor Appointment App Development

Technology has gone a notch higher and is offering users the things that were not foreseen in the past years. We have come a long way in the development of mobile applications that are regularly used in our daily lives. From purchasing groceries to shopping high-end brands and arranging meetings with professionals for personal grooming, we have got everything covered on our mobile devices these days.

So, is there anything that one cannot do remotely? Well, there is nothing that can’t be done from the comfort of home.

Have you ever tried booking a doctor’s appointment from an app and then meeting him virtually? This doesn’t just give the users an enhanced experience of a doctor’s appointment, but also allows them to discuss their issues online and get assistance from the medical experts on any issue pertaining to one’s health.

Introduction to Telemedicine

Virtual medical care is a new trend around the world. With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) sending everyone in a frenzy, it has become essential for people to sit at their homes and visit their doctors through this online medium. This reduces the risk of getting the patients exposed to the virus.

It helps the users in case of minor health problems like mild fever, cold, cough, congestion, allergies, etc. If there is no need for physical examination in the case of a patient, it is most suitable for them to get virtual assistance as the patient can directly talk to the doctor and explain to him the problem he is facing.

The idea was initially developed to reach people in remote areas who did not have access to good doctors and hospitals. However, with Coronavirus seeping into our lives, the virtual space has gained permanence all across the globe.

There are several telemedicine platforms that offer doctor-on-call options allowing the users to call the doctor at their residence. However, the others just provide medical assistance and an appointment with the doctor on the platform itself.

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The procedure of booking an appointment is simple. The users have to search for a doctor who is an expert in a certain field and book an appointment with them. The payment details are shared with the users, who can make the payment through the various options like debit or credit card, through the e-Wallets that are linked with the application. A push notification will be sent to the users a few minutes before the appointment and the doctor will be present online to talk to the patient at the mentioned time.

After the entire process, the doctor will prescribe medicines to the patient online and prescribe the medicines. Later, the users can submit their feedback and review their meeting with the doctor. This helps other users in getting feedback after viewing their ratings on the platform.

Why Are Virtual Visits the Need of the Hour?

With the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, it became quite significant for the patients to stop visiting medical practitioners and physiotherapists in general. Surely, virtual visits would not be able to meet the ease of face-to-face consultations, but still, they can help one stay safe and away from any infections. When talking about normal reactions, it takes around 8 to 10 minutes for a doctor to examine a patient. Virtual visits have predominantly taken space in the day-to-day lives of people replacing regular physical doctor visits. Some of the other major reasons are:

Convenience They Offer

When you hire us to build a doctor visiting application we make it a point that you get a product that adheres to HIPAA agreeable videoconferencing, that lets the hospital staff connect with the patients and lets them see if there are any issues that are needed to be taken care of.

The best part is these applications endeavor to be fast and simple for a patient to download.

Virtual Waiting Rooms Better Than the Real Ones

Waiting in the hospital’s waiting room is quite depressing. It is quite inconvenient plus the threat to be affected by any disease rises. This is a general fact that you are better and happier in your house than anywhere else.

At your home, you can have the ease of being in your comfort zone and waiting instead of stressing over how things would work. When you are home you can focus on other things and keep yourself a little diverted from your ailment.

Rise in Patient Commitment Because of Screen Sharing 

Video conferencing lets specialists and patients see each other physically and enjoy the ease of talking. Our virtual doctor visit app development team empowers specialists to raise a patient’s outline or past radiology record and clarify it with a virtual pen during the discussion. It lets the specialist show patients unmistakable visuals.

Advantageous, Programmed Record-Keeping

On the grounds that doctors are now using cameras to connect with the patients,’ it’s quite simple for them to safely and secretly take and save an applicable clinical photograph, by means of an associated otoscope or dermoscopy.

Our Virtual doctor visiting application lets the patients and doctors have the option to contrast anything uncommon with what it looked like in the last visit.

Patients Get Special Attention

When it comes to talking about virtual visit application development the best part is patients get the sense of special attention. Since the doctor would only be attending you during the virtual meet the patients become quite convinced and are also motivated to share all the symptoms of their ailments that they otherwise may not be able to do.

These are a few important points that make it easier for people to connect with doctors without moving out of their homes. This makes it quite easier for people to have medical consultations without being worried about the repercussions.

How Does Virtual Visit Scheme Works?

When talking about how virtual doctor appointment applications work, the logic is quite simple. IT works exactly the way the real-life scenarios work. All you need to do is take care of the situation and see if things can fall in place for you.

Step 1: Log In to Book Appointment: To book the appointment with the doctor the patient would log in with the application. They simply need to create an account and specify the symptoms and answer a few basic health-related questions in the application.

Step 2: App Finds a Consultant: According to the symptoms and the medical history, the application analyzes the probable issue and looks for a suitable medical consultant who can help you with your issue. You can either decide the practitioner yourself or let the AI solution play its role here.

Step 3. Connect or Book Appointment: Once you know who your doctor is you can either call them right away or request a video call. They would connect with you as soon as they have enough time and space to take the analysis further.

Step 4: Consulting the Doctor: Once the patient connects with the doctor they can easily communicate with the patient regarding their ailments and issues. After the ailment is detected the doctor recommends all the important instructions and shares necessary treatment, assigns lab tests, and all the other related stuff.

Step 5: Make the Payment and Done: After you are done with the consultation then you can wrap up your session and pay your consultant via any Ewallet mobile application. Thus, you have your complete medical session without being physically out.

With such ease for medical assistance, it has become quite easier for organizations to let people understand how things would work. The medical staff is also able to manage its time and the patients too can manage their time and consult the doctors in a go without waiting in long queues.

How are Patients Benefiting?

Most companies are now dwelling on this field by setting up their own telemedicine apps as there are several people out there who want medical aid without leaving their house. So, if you are a start-up and feel the need of starting a promising application for your organization, this is the right time for you to get a mobile app development team onboard and ask them to build a reliable and focused telemedicine app for you.

It does not only reduce the cost of setting up a clinic for the doctors, but also helps them focus on each patient individually. Also, they can set the time of appointments on their own without any hassle. As for the patients, they do not have to wait for hours at the reception area for their turn to come. They can come online to talk to the doctor at the time of their appointment.

Take a look at some other benefits that the patients are drawing with the help of this platform:

  • Reduces the spread of any illness: Since the doctors are available online all the time, the chances of a virus spreading among the masses is highly unlikely. There is always a medical aid available online due to which the patients do not come into contact with others, hence, saving everyone from the spread of any sort of virus.
  • Easy access to medical care: COVID-19 has brought into light several illnesses giving easy access to medical care to people who have limited access to hospitals and doctors.
  • Cuts travel time: Commuting to a doctor’s clinic or a doctor can be a task sometimes as the patients have a certain amount of travel time. The telemedicine platform eliminates the commuting time, giving them ease of access to doctors. Physical examination for minor illnesses can be done online easily, therefore, this helps the patients save a lot of time, effort, and money.
  • Managing chronic diseases: With the help of certain easy and hand help devices, one can test their blood pressure and blood glucose at home and share the report with the doctor for a better understanding of the disease of a patient. These diseases can easily be managed through virtual appointments.

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  • Connecting with the same doctor: Distance can create hassle in getting in touch with the same doctor. Since most people leave their hometowns to make a fortune in big cities, they might have to go to and from between the two places. The online doctor appointments app helps them stay in touch with their doctor at all times. This platform gives them access to booking appointments with their doctor at all times, irrespective of what country and city they are in at a certain point in time.

These are a few very evident reasons why people are looking forward to installing virtual visit applications instead of visiting doctors. It is crucial that when you set up your own virtual doctor visit application you meet some basic development standards that would make things easier for you.

Steps to Setting Up a Virtual Appointment

What are the things that are necessary for booking a virtual appointment with the doctor? How to set the appointment, and how to get connected with the doctor through the platform? These are some questions that linger around in a patient’s mind while booking an appointment. Here is where the role of software developers comes into play. They should be able to include simple steps for appointment booking.

Take a look at these steps:

  • Keep your insurance card in place.
  • Get in touch with your physician through their website or any other platform.
  • Register yourself with the website or the page of your doctor.
  • Fill up the medical form and provide your complete medical history, so that the doctor has all the information about the medicines you are already taking.
  • Pick a time slot for your appointment from the available slots on a particular day.
  • Pay for the appointment either through online banking, debit/credit cards, or through e-Wallets linked with the platform.

Medical assistance is one field that is quite difficult for people to follow. You need to make sure that you adhere to these points before setting up your own business.

When it comes to talking about the virtual doctor visiting application there are a lot of things that you need to take care of, especially the features. If you do not enter the market with the right set of features there are chances that your business would fail.

Features Your Virtual Doctor Visit Mobile App Development Company Ought to Integrate

There are some basic functionalities that your mobile app development company needs to integrate with your virtual visit application to make sure that it serves its purpose the best. Our experts share here the feature list that they include in their products:

User Sign-in: Any user can create an account on the application so that they would have all their medical history, consultant history, test reports, etc. under one roof. It is significant that the reports and records are never missed as they help in further medical analysis.

Video Appointments: When it comes to medical consultation, it is important that the patient gets to speak to the doctor face to face. With the video appointment feature, they can connect with the doctors over video calls and share their ailments and symptoms exactly like the real physical consultation.

Secure Solutions: Since the application adheres to HIPAA guidelines one can be sure of the safety and security. In any case, your information would not be shared further and you can discuss issues with your consultant in a relaxed manner. The data shared would be encrypted and accessed only by the authorized person.

Search for Specialist: The patients would not have to worry about researching and finding the experts. The application would have a database where it would search for the specialist according to your symptoms and find a suitable consultant who can help.

Review Doctors: One can check the review for the doctors and decide if they want to further proceed with the consultation or they want someone else. With honest reviews on the application, one can know which consultant can serve them the best.

Manage Appointments: It becomes easier for the doctors and the patients to manage appointments and time. There would be no wait time for the patients and the doctors too can manage their consultation with little breaks.

In-App Messages: With in-app messages, one can connect with the doctor anytime and share their concerns. Thus one need not rush to the doctor for every small and big need and get things accomplished in no time.

Payment Integration: When it comes to payment options, we integrate ewallet applications with your application to make sure that the payment process is hassle-free.

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These are some of the basic features that we would suggest you integrate with your application. If you are looking forward to integrating more engaging features with your mobile app, then you can surely ask our developers to help.

Best Practices for Online Appointments

If you are planning to launch a platform for connecting doctors with the patients, there are several things to take into consideration. You have to be clear about your perspective and know what type of platform you want to develop, also what purpose they will solve.

Take a look at the best practices to be followed by these platforms:

  • Choose the right platform: Before getting into this business, you have to understand certain things about the platform and see if your needs are being fulfilled or not. One needs to know:
  • If the appointments can be taken on calls.
  • The platform that will be most suitable for doctor appointments.
  • Do you want to share your screen with the patients?
  • Is there a need for video call, so that you can virtually examine your patient?
  • Booking and information: Eliminating the need for traveling logistics, the virtual doctor bookings encourage the patients to make these bookings. Since they want their information to be shared with the doctor, they have to share their medical history and fill up all the forms. The platform should also assist the users on how to book their appointments.
  • Preparation: If you are a healthcare professional, you should have your set of questions in place after reading the history of the patient. The doctors should have a set standard of dealing with all patients and follow a structure for an enhanced experience.
  • Efficiency: Since doctors need to be medically equipped with all medical tools, the virtual platforms form a gap in the same arena. Therefore, healthcare providers should be able to access certain software that allows them to evaluate the health of the patients. This software should be shared with the patients before proceeding to the results.
  • Further requirements: After the diagnosis and prescribing medicines, the doctors should be able to tell the patients if there is any need for future medicines and appointments.


Are you suffering from any allergies or want to take advice from a doctor on certain general issues? Are you paranoid of stepping out during the times of Coronavirus? There is nothing to worry about as the telemedicine platforms keep you covered and give you doctor coverage for all illnesses remotely. All you have to do is book an appointment with a doctor and call in at the appointment time. This way you can maintain a healthy life and save yourself from the exposure to any viruses that are doing the rounds.

All startups should know that this is the best time to invest their time and money in building a platform to connect doctors with patients. With limited access to the public conveyance and the fear of coming in contact with the virus, people are looking for alternatives to regular doctor visits.

Nothing can be better than the online doctor appointments in this scenario. Therefore, the best practice for startups is to get in touch with the best app development companies who can understand the needs and develop the best product, suitable for a larger audience.


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