The people of today are immensely dependent on their mobiles to accomplish day-to-day tasks. They like this fact of being able to do most things, in fact, everything on their smartphones. Be it booking a cab, ordering a meal, or shopping online. They simply love this idea of everything being mobile away.

So much have been the significance of the mobile-dependence of today’s customers, that today even the home renovation & real-estate industries have started adopting this progression. Even though in the beginning these sectors were slow to adopt this new technology but the scenario is entirely different today. So much has changed that today having a mobile-friendly website is not enough for businesses in this arena, and they are willing to invest in mobile apps more than ever, so they do not lose out to their competitors.

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Look at this ComScore chart which shows that mobile users overtook desktop way back in 2014 itself. And as per to PwC’s yearly trend report for the real estate, “We are getting to the point where, if people don’t recognize technologies are existing and, moreover, how to integrate them, opportunities are being missed.”

Hence, it is clear that in the past few years a lot has changed in the scenario of real-estate. Where earlier real estate agents had to be mandatory to seal a deal, today it has changed with mobile apps enjoying the priority over the real estate agents. Whether it is about selling, buying or home renovation, the prospective homeowners increasingly demand the capability to have the whole of relevant data available, regardless of where they are.

But how exactly can real-estate apps replace the real-estate agents?

Well, simply by offering everything and a lot more than the real estate agents can offer. Let’s find out how significant real-estate apps can be in this arena:

Real estate tools:


With real estate tools like real estate calculators & mortgage calculators, pesky calculations can be done easily. Out there in the market, there are several calculators built-in with all real estate & finance functionality. They are ready-to-use to calculate PITI, calculate rent, buy finance costs, and estimate tax savings, and much more. Applications like Dedcutr 2 help the real estate agents to calculate tax deductions, log receipts, track mileage with the use of phone’s GPS, and add business income & expenses.

Document & collaboration apps: High-speed internet & easy connectivity made things quickly accessible and has shortened the turnaround time for most of the requests. With apps like Dropbox, it gets easier to store the documents in the cloud and they can be accessed from anywhere on any of the devices. This way the real estate agents can easily look up their client folders at any given time and can also share the papers and files with the lawyers, clients & other affiliates. After all, it doesn’t make sense to wait up for these tasks to be executed physically or over fax, that too at times when all that is required is a swipe & a click.

CRM applications:


In the market, there are several mobile-only CRM apps, such as Chime CRM, which is a robust lead generator that uses Facebook & portal ads to allure new buyers. This particular app keeps a track of the communications so to remind the agents as it is time to reach out. This also helps the real estate agents in building their websites, viewing lead score rankings & sending email campaigns.

Search & discoverability: Today most of internet users across the world are using their smartphones as a primary means to search, browse, and do a lot more. So if the real estate business creates a feature-rich mobile app and uses alluring UX for displaying several properties categorized by the location, type, etc. then it would make the lives of potential buyers a lot easier. Also when supported by amazing pictures and great descriptions, these listings would likely appeal to the users in order, making them contact the real estate firm and keep coming back. Today with the availability of a smarter version of application development & smartphones, usage of the single code base with the technologies like Xamarin app development framework to build cross-platform apps is quite common.

Quick Property Search: These apps allow the clients to easily find property & houses of their liking. They can find a property as per the area, price, and can get all details about the property. This way the process gets quicker and faster. With these real-estate mobile apps offering easy & fast searches, it gets easier for the businesses in this domain to enhance the user experience and it also attracts the new potential customers.

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Direct Marketing: The apps enable businesses to function in the domain of real estate to market themselves directly without any third-party interruption. Communication with clients is much easier and they are kept well-engaged. At the same time, the app provides special deals and offers to its users and helps in targeting the right audience. This ultimately leads to higher revenue and allow the business to keep on blooming.

Faster Sales Processing:



The sales process gets speeded up. These apps accelerate the entire process for the users, making it easier for them to find the right property at the right price, as this way it can make the purchases without much contemplation. Thus, the buying process gets easy & simple and not time-consuming both on the buyer as well as broker front.

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Better Customer Support: Without proper and constant communication, things don’t move at all in the real estate business. It is only through proper communication that one can build up a healthy relationship with the clients. These apps are integrated with features such as constant & direct contacts with the clients, and provides constant updates on the latest listing, delivering required information regarding the property. With real-estate apps, one can easily enhance communication & interaction with the clients.

Customer Feedback: Real estate apps are helpful to get feedback from the customers and this way the businesses can work on them. As per the customers’ feedback, improvements can be made in the business and this helps in growing your business and increasing potential customers.

Stay above your competitors:


Real-estate apps are helpful to stay updated on new market trends and helps in understanding the needs & demands of the customers. This way the personalized services and products can be offered to them. The way it gets easier to stand out among the competitors by offering the best services to the users. Now apart from the above-mentioned aspects, there are several new technologies in the market that ‘up’ the mobile game. So, let’s talk about them here.

Upping the mobile game Technologies like 3D visualizations in the planning stage of renovations & virtual tours help the potential buyers in making decisions that have reduced the requirement for the physical showrooms. There is even Augmented Reality (AR) available, which is about overlaying a digital image of renovation on the physical world.

Next, we talk about how realtors can benefit by upgrading mobility:

Businesses can create their apps to enhance user experience. Instead of duplicating websites in the app, choose to offer exclusive content & tools. With mobile apps, enhanced user personalization is ensured along with better conversion and more features and they even work faster than mobile websites.

• Whenever meeting a prospective homebuyer, carry an iPad or a tablet to show them the properties. This way they can access specs regarding property & renovation tools in real-time. At the same time, it also shows the buyer that realtor has a good understanding of industry trends.

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Homebuyers can be urged to bring their smartphones along as they visit the houses they are considering to purchase or renovate. Often they might learn things on the site which they otherwise won’t learn from a listing. It is essential to factor these elements into the cost of potential there on the spot. Thus, putting in an offer saves time for the buyer as well as the business.

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Thus it is clear that the mobile apps have brought in an evolution in the real estate market which realtors alone can’t. Thus it has become vital for the real estate businesses to have their apps to flourish.