PubNub organized a Seminar at Octal IT Solution

On the 7th of March 2019, PubNub organized a seminar at Octal IT Solution which was attended by the team of Octal. The seminar was about the PubNub technologies, which are widely used for live tracking and chat by many applications, including Ola Cabs, Uber, Swiggy, Zomato and many more. PubNub is a company that helps businesses by offering solutions like Live Chat, Location Tracking, Push Notifications, IoT Device Control and many more.

Since Octal IT Solution uses many of these features in the apps it develops, a partnership between PubNub and Octal was formed to work together. The seminar focused on the same partnership, along with guiding the developers of Octal IT Solution for making better use of the PubNub technology in the apps they develop.

Mr. Jonas Gray, Head of Strategic Partnership at PubNub addressed the Octal Team and described the cutting-edge features and tools offered by his company. Some snaps of the seminar are presented below:

In the past couple of years, Octal IT Solution has developed hundreds of applications which use all or some of the features offered by PubNub. Since both these companies are market leaders in what they do, this partnership will be a revolutionary step. It will assist Octal to use the groundbreaking features in its apps and it will also assist PubNub to work with the leading provider of mobile application development.


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