Possible reasons of your enterprise app’s bad performance

A report published by Gartner recently suggests that there would be 75% of mobile applications that would fall short to pass basic security tests, through 2015.

Among them, the most at risk are the enterprise mobile apps that are being threatened over by unverified processes, bad security practices, cyber violations, and vulnerable mobile ecosystems.

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy adopted by enterprises is making the system ever more exposed to security breaches, says Dionisio Zumerle, the principal research analyst at Gartner. He adds developers focusing on features rather than addressing various security issues further complicates the matter.

The worst part is they go on sacrificing various security arrangements and prescribed standards just to meet their feature requirements.

Here are the most possible reasons that lead to enterprise app’s bad performance:


Think of something like a socket switch that throws out current. No matter how finely it is wired inside or how nice it looks, if it doesn’t assure you the security you need it completely fails to serve you. This requires proper testing. As per what experts say regarding the security testing issues of enterprise apps, existing static app security testing (SAST) and dynamic app security testing (DAST) are not being modified to address mobile security needs.

Taking these tests for your enterprise mobile application is necessary because these tests examine and monitor GUI and background of a running app, in order to detect wayward or dicey behavior. Take for example a voice editor application that accesses phonebook information or geo-location can be disbelieving.


The enterprise mobile app strategy needs to be implemented along with the resources across different departments of the organization. This has to be coordinated with all the methods aptly represented by the plan to focus on funds, infrastructure, and creativity, in order to avoid poor results in app development. To help it come out with great effect, the CEO of the organization needs to play a pivotal role in developing the mobile strategy for the enterprise. This was however not much there about a couple of years back, but it is catching trends with about 30% more enterprises taking this idea seriously in adopting the strategy right.


Most of the businesses don’t go for options to experiment with details, which is most important in creating enterprise applications. Go for more than one platform. Try more tools. You have many choices to go with and work out options to make your approach more creative. Picking up different tools and resources to build an application could be tough initially but once you get going, it will get delightfully smooth and will offer a unique flavor to your app. On top of that, this will allow you to gather as much information for your app from various sources.

All you need to do is a record, analyze and report all this information to enhance your app development process. This will help you command the creativity factors of your enterprise app and make it deliver results your desire.


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