Popular PHP Framework for Web Development in 2015

PHP is the widest followed technology used for building the web. With PHP, not just modern businesses but also the traditional setups have created great ventures to operate and sell online in different areas.

Well truly though, all that has been virtually made possible by the web application development frameworks that have made it ever easy to work on PHP with amazing features and collaborative platforms they’ve provided, keeping emerging development needs serving most comprehensively. The approach and architecture that helps you take charge of amazing possibilities through different optimized and planned resources offered by such frameworks have been responsible for building wonderful web products for you. The best part is the incessant change in terms of resources, architecture and provision and their vital combinations in the form of new frameworks that keeps it moving.

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So, it’s worth knowing what’s new and better to be used by you in 2015.

Here are the most popular ones finding their spot on the top:

Yii Framework With Yii by your side, you get all major features in one place to work under different development situations. Think of anything from Theme designing, Authentication, Documentation, Layered caching scheme or even library management, you get all of it in a great working environment backed with highly user-friendly tools. Just perfectly tuned to suit all the development needs you have.

PhpOpenbiz Known for its excessive strength to build enterprise-level applications, PhpOpenbiz is easy to learn and use. The best part is you get to use HTTP PRC call (AJAX) to exchange data between a browser and web server making it a really simple job for you throughout.

CodeIgniter Millions of webmasters across the world are already using CodeIgniter. For all the high quality driven solutions you are planning to have this year, there’s nothing as schemed and well-laid as CodeIgniter. Expect your life to just get easier in 2015 with ever cleaner codes and dependable support you are going to have, working with CodeIgniter.

CakePHP A powerful framework with a large community of developers backing it up! CakePHP can be considered as the most approachable and well-received framework by both experienced and newbie development companies. It is known for delivering ever updated web supplies with comprehensive built-in features for translation, database access, caching, validation, and authentication enough to make it to the popularity chart yet again!

Symfony- Symfony is known for the rapid technology it is. The stability, predictability, and testability offered by Symfony get your experience as a user to the next level. All the technical support elements and building components are in the best of their shape and make you hold a better grip of resources to be used to build applications for your diversified needs.

Zend With Zend, you just don’t need to look further to have any better object-oriented support. Written in PHP5, Zend has everything to help you with the latest platform needs. The latest Zend 2 is best for having extensive characteristic driven features to get a solution built with distinctive web features that support higher PHP versions and modern databases like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

Laravel Most watched PHP project on GitHub as of August 2014, Laravel will act as a fresh breath of air with a range of expansive themes and expressive features. The integration possibilities and web building characteristics offered by Laravel is doing a great job in bringing effective solutions for the evolved web development needs in 2015.

Prado- It is there since the year 2004 and is considered as the most resourceful and valuable event-driven component-based framework. Prado has enough features and facilities to help you build big applications for any need you have. With a history of highly stable releases for developing extensive web apps, Prado is highly capable of doing it with style yet again in 2015.

You can expect a lot of action around these PHP frameworks in 2015. Of course, there are possibilities you see new game-changers coming in with great effect and make their presence felt across the web arena. But for now, seemingly all the popularity is going to sink in with these favorite platforms that already have fixed their place right in the front row. At least the track record is shown by them and the expert reviews suggest so.


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