How to Develop an on-demand laundry App like Cleanly

Mobile applications have become the heart and soul of the technology industry. People have been maxing the optimum use of the same, and the app developers and owners are benefitting from it. While the eCommerce apps are doing wonders and much small and sole proprietorship has also become a part of the bandwagon, the on-demand industry is equally growing at an unimaginable speed. Technology and mobile devices have become the new normal and people are carrying them with themselves all the time. Therefore, it makes it easy to access apps from anywhere in the world at any time.


An on-demand laundry pick and delivery app is a solution to several problems of a common man. People have been getting their laundry done with the help of some simple clicks. These apps have helped people wave goodbye to the days when doing all household chores along with the laundry was a big thing. One can now just open the app, register himself, look up for the laundry services in his area, compare prices and time taken by each to laundry their clothes, and make a booking.

The payment of these services can be made via the app itself as it has an integrated payment system.

Did you ever think of the laundry app coming into being? Well, it takes a human some time to process the fact that there are such services also available online. But, as we stated earlier, apps have really become the heart of people’s life. There are a plethora of apps installed in every person’s phone and all are being used to their greatest potential. One of the leading laundry service apps cleanly has made way for newcomers to make such apps and explore the industry’s digital presence.

How many people do a laundry app like cleanly caters to?

There are three main parties involved that keep the app running and contribute to its success. Firstly, the users who install the app in their devices to book for and avail services, secondly, the laundrymen who take the orders and provide their services, and the third party includes the delivery persons. It takes just a few clicks for them to book a laundry service for themselves. Therefore, it is no more a big task for the people to get their laundry done.

  • User: The user of the app is the customer who searches for the delivery apps that provide services in their geographical locations. They can then enter the details of the clothes they want to send in for laundry and get the price quote for the same. Lastly, the users can book a time slot for the pick up of their bundle of clothes from their house.
  • Laundrymen: Once a user puts up a request for his clothes laundry, the laundrymen, or call them the rinsers will confirm the booking and send an automated reply to the users about the confirmation. They will then get the clothes delivered to their center where they wash, dry, and iron them and send them back to the address of the customer.

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  • Delivery boy: Lastly, the delivery boys in this service sector play a role like that of any other delivery boys. They reach to the location of the customer, pick up their clothes, and deliver it to the laundrymen. When washed and ironed, the delivery boy delivers it back to the owner of those clothes.

How does the laundry app like Cleanly work?

If you are planning to develop a laundry app make for your business, you must know the basic functioning of the app so that it becomes easier for you to explain the same to the app developers and get it developed without any issue.

Take a look at the way these apps work:

  • Placing an order: The users first go to the app store and install the app on their devices. They then register themselves and start placing an order for the service. He can schedule the pickup time that is favorable to them.
  • Pick up: The next step that comes is the pick up of the order by the delivery boy from the address of the users and the delivery crew then delivers it to the laundry area.
  • Laundry: After the clothes have been delivered for laundry, the staff takes them and washes them separately according to the clothes type and color. They dry and iron clothes.
  • Drop-off: The last step includes the delivery crew to pick the bundle of clothes from the laundry service center and delivering it back to the customer according to the latter’s time preference.

Business models of a laundry app

If you’re a start-up and are skeptical about the business models, you must talk to the app development company hired by you and take advice from them. They might be able to suggest to you which model to choose. You must be sure of the kind of business you want to do before getting indulged in getting an app made for your business. Take a look at the business models of a laundry app:

  • On-site business model: This one is most suitable for those laundry service providers who are already into this business for a long now and have their shop in some marketplace. All they have to do is connect with an app development company, hire efficient app developers, explain to them about their business, and get the app developed according to their needs and preferences. This model helps the customers to get their laundry delivered to their house without any hassle. The laundry service providers in return can get more orders from nearby and keep a tab on the number of deliveries by them in a day.
  • In-site business model: This one involves a more traditional approach as one has to drop off their clothes at the laundry station on their own and update the details on the app. They can also make the payment via the app or in cash. The customers have to go and pick up the clothes themselves from the laundry.
  • Aggregate model: This one is one of the most efficient models where the app owner might or might not be involved in the business. He might just be interested in making a platform for the laundry services to meet with the customers through the app. The laundry service providers are the third-party vendors who pay a certain amount of commission to the app owners for each order they receive through the app.


An essential feature for a demand laundry app

An on-demand service app should be loaded with essential features as a single feature missing might cause it to run into losses. The app developers should think from a user’s perspective before actually developing the app. Here are some features that are essential in an on-demand laundry app:


  • A signup process integrated with social media that helps in making the signup process easy and convenient. This is necessary as each customer should have his separate credentials where they can save their information.
  • Access to the information on available laundry service providers in your geographical location.
  • Giving options of the material of clothes to choose from and if any special instructions have to be mentioned for any cloth type.
  • The option of getting any clothing hand washed or machine washed. Giving clarity on the same.
  • The total bill generated for the number of clothes given.
  • Delivery charges that will be charged by the app.
  • Sharing a list of prices according to the different washing preferences.
  • A feature that allows the users to enter the time of pick up and delivery time so that they are at home to receive the laundry at the time of delivery.
  • Online payment options including payment by card debit/credit, online bank transfer, or via e-Wallets.
  • Push notifications for intimating the customers when the order is received, and during the time of dispatch of their clothes. These notifications also share the information regarding the confirmation of their order.
  • It should be enabled with GPS so as to share the information on the delivery boy’s location with the users.
  • The feature that allows the users to cancel their orders at any point in time.
  • A review and feedback option for customers to share their experience.
  • Options that allow users to get access to the offers they are being offered by the app.
  • The customers should be intimated if any changes are being made in the delivery or pick up of the customer’s clothes from their address.


  • A social media integrated sign up and log in process. This ensures the safety and security of the service providers.
  • Each delivery service provider should have his dashboard, which is personalized for each one of them showing the number of orders taken in a day.
  • They should have the feature of GPS for access to the geographical location of their customers. This helps them give a rough estimate of the time they might take in picking up and delivering the laundry clothes.
  • A page consisting of the history and details of the previous orders taken and completed by them
  • An integrated calendar that helps them get notifications of an upcoming pickup or a delivery.
  • Real-time analytics giving them an opportunity to look into the kind of work done by them and the number of orders that are lying pending in the app.


  • The GPS functions enabling them to take details of a customer’s address and location. They should also be able to access the contact details and other important information of the customers.
  • A page showcasing the history of all the orders delivered by them.
  • Login and sign up page for the identification of the delivery boys.
  • Push notifications for the pickup and drop off requests.


The laundry industry is big and people are extremely dependant on them. One can always get the service at their doorstep by installing one of the apps for a better experience. Why would you make the effort to go out each time to drop off the clothes at the laundry services when they can get it picked from your address? People who are thinking of investing in this industry should find the most suitable app development agency that has developers with strong and prior experience. They should be able to make the app according to your requirements and make it live only after its proper and efficient testing.


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