Ok, You Got A Million Dollar App Idea, So What’s Next

The process of mobile app development starts with an idea but truly finishes when a thought is manifested into a marketable reality. A great way to pursue your vision is by hiring a mobile app development company who can execute your thought towards making a specific service more effective and efficient. Now that you have a functional app idea in your mind and have identified the right development company, here are the next steps you need to take to make your dream a reality.

Pursue a Comprehensive Market Research: If you are a creative mind, chances are that your ideations may cover thousands. It is ideal to make a note of the thoughts immediately that sound viable, thus, allowing you to take it to the next level when the time is right. Start by pursuing a thorough market research to assess various aspects of the app and before proceeding to ask yourself the following questions

  • To which market demographic this app belongs to
  • What category of apps does fall under
  • On which platforms this app will be released
  • Is the developer you are hiring is proficient with the kind of app you wish to create
  • Will its users be willing to pay for the app or will you release it for free
  • What will be your income model

Giving Your Idea A Form:  Discuss your idea with a seasoned app developer and listen to what he has to say about it. If your idea is worth exploring, chances are that the developer will be able to provide you with some additional technical insights about the developmental procedures. Brainstorm some more to give your idea a finishing touch and assess if it is worth the effort.

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Identify the Platforms your App will be Released on:  Assess whether you will be releasing your app on a specific platform such as only iOS or will you be targeting multiple operating systems such as Android and Windows as well. It is ideal to choose a platform that attracts a larger chunk of your target audience.

Estimating the Cost of Development:  Now that you have a fair idea on the direction the development process will take, it is a good time to estimate the cost of hiring a mobile app development company for getting your app developed. Once you have agreed upon a tentative budget, you will be able to give the project a go-ahead. If budget is a concern, consider about negotiation, changing the app development company or look for funding so that your development process can take flight. If your idea has a promise, then it will certainly incline the number of investors who may be willing to support it.

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Building the Right Team:  Now that the nitty-gritty?s of executing the project has been clarified, it is finally the time to make sure that the team involved in developing and marketing the app is experienced enough to help you achieve the desired results. The team your company hires plays an important role in determining the success of your app.

Giving your App a Name:  Once the development process is well in a way, it is time to pick a name. While choosing a name for your application, make sure you take your time in picking it wisely. The name you select represents the services your app intends to offer. It should also be memorable enough for your target audience. While naming your app, also work on the logo design which will add to the impact it has on its potential users. Finally, it is time to test your app, first with a smaller market and eventually with your audience through the right marketing tactics. Pitch your app to the right target group and market it in a big way. The more awareness you are able to generate, the more users you will find. Take into account the need to acquire feedback from the first users, allowing you to make the necessary changes and upgrades for your app for its long-term success.


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