LONDON, U.K. — Octal Info Solution UK website launched Dec 1st, 2014 – Pronouncing the era of global mobility on a platter of business mores is a rare factor to find in IT trade and Octal Info Solution is blessed with this tinge of class. Having dealt with almost every type of web and mobile service that businesses need today, Octal Info Solution Limited planned its big launch in the UK last year. People surrounding the management board asked for a complete setup and within a year, it seemed working quite effectively.

In the times we are living, nothing really seems complete when you don’t claim your web presence. Keeping that in mind, the branding team at Octal, planned for a website dedicated to the UK region in August 2014. It took into account a whole process of research and planning to suit the local requirements and interests. Looking at the current scenarios that businesses in UK are working amidst, the web department went along with a theme that suits the arrangement well and helps in communicating the idea to the target audiences.
Brand manager at Octal said “Scandinavians are really choosy with how they talk, eat and behave. They have a particular method with which they refer to details. So, the major challenge for the UK site was to move ahead with a proper plan. The design for is kept much focused and each piece of module is treated like a separate entity which is supported by a common fluid theme to give you an idea of oneness.”
He added, “Our design team has worked on the basic requirements of an English site, accessing UI and UX ideas at a length. We have woven the whole experience in an astute plan that is meant to serve aesthetic needs of its users and smoothly drive to the possibility of communication. This has helped us reach the right factor of positioning the cultural aspects and annexing the idea of conventional designs at the same time, with real good facility at transitions, hover effects, state personification, multi-tier merchandising and cult reference points for navigation and call-to-actions – making website work best with the user.”
Truly, it takes a lot of guts and wits to claim your connection with your audience. Octal Info Solution has been able to meet all this observing the latest trends among the locals and studying the minds and factors that eventually affect sales. The best part they talk the conventions quite effective without messing up with the ‘new order and make’ of web communication with the new website design. All in all, the amazing new idea to communicate and fresh tone of visuals and the vibrant hues together works it out for Octal Info Solution for the UK chapter.

Octal Info Solution UK